The Code of Hammurabi

The Code of Hammurabi


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Hammurabi's code has been translated into many languages since it's discovery.

Most scholars agree this book is an accurate translation. However, considering the span of time between writing the code and its discovery and translation, there always remains the question of absolute accuracy.

This code is considered the earliest known written criminal and civil code ever discovered.

It is estimated it was written by the King of Babylon, Hammurabi, in approximately 1780 B.C.E. and found in 1901.

It identified a system of punishment and foreshadows the 'an eye for an eye' concept.

Hammurabi wisely established the foundation for criminal and civil law. He understood the importance of trade and commerce and include regulations relating to those activities.

Also presented are the interpretations and findings of Rev. Claude Johns (1900) and Author Mike Rothmiller

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