Childhood Memories

Childhood Memories

by Mary Noble Jones


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Within the pages of this book you will go back in time with me from birth through teen years. You will learn that being poor does not hinder good times nor does it cause bad times. They just happen to us all. My life certainly was not the worst or was it the best, yet it was an exciting and memorable journey on which I think helped me to be stronger, with more will power to survive, conquer and appreciate life. I learnt never give up on my dreams. Only you can make them happen, and only you can cause them to wither and die.
I am now the proud published author of a series of children's books entitled Itsy and her Friends, of course this book, Childhood Memories, plus several other novels ready to go to press.
I have experienced life's challenges and survived crisis. Through it all, I have experienced much joy and found love and happiness beyond belief.

Mary Noble Jones

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