Chair Yoga For Dummies

Chair Yoga For Dummies

by Larry Payne, Don Henry
Chair Yoga For Dummies

Chair Yoga For Dummies

by Larry Payne, Don Henry


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If you can sit in a chair, you can enjoy the benefits of yoga!

Chair Yoga For Dummies is a guide to developing a yoga practice that you can do while seated in a chair. Traditional yoga poses can be replicated as sitting yoga poses and stretches, enjoyable and accessible for people at all levels of experience and mobility. There's a reason yoga has been around for thousands of years. Practicing chair yoga regularly can decrease your blood pressure, anxiety, inflammation, and chronic pain. It also increases flexibility, balance, and strength. And it helps you sleep better, too. All you need to get started is yourself, a chair, and this book—couldn't be simpler.

With this book on your desk, you can infuse a little namaste into your office routine or build a personalized home practice that fits your lifestyle and abilities. You’ll learn specific poses to target problem areas, and guidance on creating your own chair yoga workout plan. Practitioners can achieve meditation, flexibility goals, and more.

  • Get guidance on creating your own custom chair yoga workout plan
  • Reduce stress, get stronger, and feel healthier—without leaving your seat
  • Enjoy the benefits of yoga adapted to office workers and those with decreased mobility
  • Learn proper technique and alignment from clear illustrations and descriptions

Stay active while seated!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781119889533
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 08/30/2022
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 48,842
Product dimensions: 7.30(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Larry Payne, PhD, is the president of The International Association of Yoga Therapists. He founded Samata International Yoga and Health Center and is the author of Yoga After 50 For Dummies. Don Henry is a Yoga therapist who has been teaching Yoga for more than a decade. He is a member of the Writer’s Guild of America.

Table of Contents

Foreword xiii

Introduction 1

About This Book 1

Foolish Assumptions 2

Icons Used in This Book 3

Beyond the Book 3

Where to Go from Here 3

Part 1 Yoga for Life 5

Chapter 1 Checking Out Chair Yoga 7

Harnessing the Power of Simple Movements 8

When a Yoga Mat Just Doesn't Work 9

Seniors need Yoga, too 9

Deskbound employees 9

Leaving on a jet plane 9

Yoga for expecting moms 10

Practicing yoga when you have limited mobility 10

Enjoying the Benefits of Yoga 10

Moving feels good 11

Working the joints 11

Stretching and strengthening the muscles 11

Building some bone 12

Relieving stress and anxiety 12

Giving Chair Yoga a Try 12

Cross/crawl patterning 12

Seated rejuvenation sequence 15

Chapter 2 Getting Ready for Chair Yoga 19

Deciding on the Guidance That Works for You 19

Attending real-time classes 20

Following videos on your own time 20

Pursuing a practice with books 20

Making Preparations 21

Talking to your health care provider 21

Scoping out your space 21

Knowing what to wear 22

Finding a Chair for Your Derriere 22

Snagging a sturdy seat 22

Preventing your feet from dangling 23

Setting Aside Time to Sit and Get Fit 25

Taking a Test Run in Your Chair 25

Chapter 3 Inhale, Exhale: Controlling Your Breath 29

Understanding Why Breathing Is Important in Yoga 30

Connecting good breathing and good posture 30

Sending a message to relax 31

Extending your exhale 31

Breathing with postures: A moving meditation 32

Focusing on the Body Parts Used in Breathing 32

Dealing with Breathing Problems 34

Turning to Your Breathing to Manage Stress and Pain 34

Focus breathing 35

Belly breathing 36

Alternate nostril breathing 37

Chapter 4 Adding Meditation to Chair Yoga 41

Eyeing Meditation as a Core Component in Yoga 42

Claiming the power of your mind 42

Considering common types of meditation 42

Meditating with the chakras 43

Seeking Enlightenment Right from Your Chair 45

Seeing How Meditation Slows Dementia 45

Decreasing Stress and Increasing Your Sense of Well-Being with Meditation 46

Spending a Few Moments Meditating 47

Breath awareness meditation 47

Meditation using visualization (Example 1) 48

Meditation using visualization (Example 2) 48

Part 2 Chair Yoga for the Body 51

Chapter 5 Relieving That Pain in Your Neck 53

Banishing the Stress That Builds Up in Your Neck 53

Feeling the effects of mental and emotional stress 54

Talking about text neck 54

Doing Chair Yoga for the Neck 55

Chin swings 56

Neck range-of-motion stretch: Forward tilt 59

Neck range-of-motion stretch: Rotations 60

Neck range-of-motion stretch: Lateral head tilts 61

Mirror on the hand 62

Chapter 6 Stretching and Straightening the Shoulders 65

Looking at Where Tension Likes to Live 66

Resisting the Tendency to Round 66

Counteracting the Western lifestyle 66

Improving your posture by channeling mom: "Sit up straight!" 67

Avoiding sitting too much 67

Surveying Chair Yoga for Your Shoulders 68

Shoulder shrugs: Part 1 68

Shoulder shrugs: Part 2 68

Shoulder shrugs: Part 3 68

Wing and prayer 70

Chapter 7 Bringing Your Back to the Forefront 75

Supporting Your Spine with Yoga 76

Remembering to work your upper back 76

Touching on your lower back 77

Breaking Down Chair Yoga for the Back 77

Alternating arm raises in a chair 78

Seated cat/cow 79

Seated side bends 81

Seated camel 83

Chapter 8 Paying Attention to Your Abdominals 85

Supporting Your Back from the Front: Creating a Strong Core 86

Avoiding back pain 86

Helping your posture 86

Contributing to better balance 87

Adding Chair Yoga for the Abdominals and Core 88

Sitting with a good posture 88

Bent knee lifts 89

Seated boat pose 90

Seated twists 91

Extended side angle 93

Chapter 9 The Hips Don't Lie 95

Taking Care of Your Hips 95

Knowing what it means to open your hips 96

Preventing injuries by strengthening your hips 96

Getting a Handle on Chair Yoga for Hips 98

Hip circles 98

Seated pigeon 99

Seated march 102

Chapter 10 Setting a Leg Up 103

Checking out Your Legs 104

Knowing Knees Need TLC, Too 104

Staying aligned 104

Encouraging free movement 105

Leg muscles support the knees 105

Chair Yoga for Legs and Knees 106

Seated warrior one pose 106

Seated warrior two pose 108

Seated one-leg forward bend 108

Chapter 11 Arming Yourself 111

Keeping Your Arms in Shape for Lifting, Reaching, and Hugging 111

Beautiful biceps 112

Functional forearms 112

Exceptional elbows 113

Examining Chair Yoga for Arms and Elbows 114

Elbow flex 114

Forearm rotation 115

Newspaper 117

Chapter 12 Ankles and Feet: Bearing All the Weight 123

Understanding Why Foot and Ankle Health Are So Important 123

Part of the kinetic chain gang 124

Bones in the balance 124

Moving in the Right Direction with Chair Yoga for Ankles and Feet 125

Flexing and extending your feet 125

Circling your ankles 127

Flexing and extending your toes 128

Seated mountain pose 130

Chapter 13 Don't Forget the Fingers, Hands, and Wrists 133

Preventing or Relieving Stiff Fingers and Hands and Painful Wrists 133

Addressing arthritis attacks 134

Meditating on the median nerve 135

Choosing Chair Yoga for Fingers, Hands, and Wrists 135

Flexing and extending your fingers 136

Advanced finger exercise 137

Flexing and extending your wrists 140

Circling your wrists 140

Wrist stretches 142

Chapter 14 Adding a Chair to Popular Standing and Inversion Poses 145

Working on Balance with a Chair by Your Side 146

Flipping Your Perspective: Inversion Poses 146

Helping out your heart 147

Gaining a lot of relaxation by doing a little 147

Surveying Standing and Inversion Poses Using a Chair for Support 147

Half forward fold with a chair 148

Downward facing dog with a chair 148

Warrior one with a chair 149

Warrior two with a chair 150

Standing side kicks with a chair 151

Standing extended side angle with a chair 152

Standing half-moon with a chair 154

Standing warrior three with a chair 155

Standing tree pose with a chair 156

Inversion: Legs on a chair 157

Part 3 Creating Home Routines 159

Chapter 15 Moving Ahead with Chair Yoga 161

Perusing Principles of Practice 161

Just breathing 162

It's not how it looks: Focusing on function over form 162

Embracing the dynamic/static approach 163

Choosing forgiving limbs 163

Keeping It Real: Starting Chair Yoga with the Right Mindset 164

Knowing you gain nothing from pain 164

Doing only what you need 164

Chapter 16 Fifteen-Minute Routines for Home 167

Beginner Routine 168

Advanced Routine 171

Chapter 17 Focusing on a 30-Minute Routine 175

Beginner Routine 176

Advanced Routine 184

Chapter 18 Working in Yoga at Your Desk 193

Sneaking in Chair Yoga for a Physical and Mental Break 193

Clocking in for Chair Yoga at Your Desk 194

Searching for hot spots 194

The violinist stretch 195

Seated twist for work 197

Chest and shoulder stretch 199

Chair thunderbolt variation 201

Forward fold In a chair 203

Chapter 19 Chair Yoga in Transit 207

Benefitting from Yoga Near or Far, on a Plane or in a Car 207

Taking on Chair Yoga in Tight Places 208

Apple picking stretch 208

Seated rowing 209

Knee to elbow 211

Forward bends for tight spaces 212

Chapter 20 Sit Up and Weight: Adding Weights to Your Chair Yoga 215

Weighing the Fundamentals of Adding Weights to Your Chair Yoga 216

I don't own dumbbells: Expanding your view of "weights" 216

Evaluating whether Yogic breathing with weights is right for you 216

Using Weights in Chair Yoga 217

Shoulder shrugs with weights 218

Bicep curls 219

Triceps pulses 221

Rowing with weights 222

Seated lateral raises with weights 224

Seated twists with weights 225

Heel lifts with weights 227

Part 4 The Part of Tens 229

Chapter 21 Ten Things to Remember about Chair Yoga 231

It's Not That Easy 231

Simple Movement Is Powerful 232

Don't Dangle, 232

Know When to Say When 232

Comfort Is Always in Fashion 233

You Don't Need a Lot of Space 233

Keep Breathing 233

Make the Time 233

Don't Let It Hurt 234

You Don't Have to Use the Chair Forever (But You Can) 234

Chapter 22 Ten Things to Do When Creating a Home Chair Yoga Practice 235

Talk to Your Doctor 236

Check Out Some Books and Videos 236

Find the Right Expert 236

Create a Dedicated Space 237

Build Practice Time into Your Schedule 237

Set Expectations 237

Invite a Friend 238

Be Still and Breathe 238

Meditate in Your Chair 238

Keep It Fun 239

Index 241

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