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Carnivore Cooking for Cool Dudes

Carnivore Cooking for Cool Dudes


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The carnivore diet has emerged as an extremely compelling and scientifically validated strategy to drop excess body fat quickly, heal from assorted autoimmune, inflammatory, and leaky gut conditions, and dramatically elevate the nutrient density of your diet. While uncool naysayer dudes will dismiss the carnivore diet out of hand as crazy or even dangerous, these Cool Dudes will give you the straight scoop about the rationale for and benefits of eating sustainably-raised, nose-to-tail animal foods. This can be done with a strict protocol to address chronic ailments, or with a carnivore-ish strategy where certain less-offensive plant foods (e.g., fruit, dark chocolate, guacamole) are included in delicious recipes and snacks. This fun-loving but highly informative book will help you sort through the hype and misinformation about carnivore, and gain insights from some of the world’s leading carnivore advocates like Dr. Paul Saladino and Dr. Shawn Baker. For example, with the intestinal microbiome widely regarded as the next frontier of health and medical science, you’ll learn why a carnivore eating pattern can spark a dramatic reconstitution of gut bacteria and an improvement in damaged gut lining in only a few days. By restricting otherwise healthy plant foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, those with leaky gut or lectin sensitivity have experienced truly mind-blowing health improvements. What’s more, the high satiety and easy compliance with carnivore can help you shed excess body fat quickly, without having to suffer from calorie restriction, extreme workouts and frequent backslides and burnout. The three Cool Dudes—Brad, Brian and William—health experts who walk their talk, enjoy life, perform magnificent athletic feats fueled by meat, and are nice to their wives and strangers alike, give you everything you need to succeed in this award-winning book. You’ll learn the right way to implement a nose-to-tail carnivore eating strategy featuring a strategic variety of sustainably raised animal foods like grassfed meat, pastured eggs, wild-caught seafood, and the true superfoods of the planet: liver and other nutrient-dense organ meats. You’ll also pick up some cool fitness and lifestyle tips to help support your dietary transition instead of compromise it. Forget the hassle and complexity of typical cookbook offerings and enjoy 97 delicious, quick and easy carnivore-friendly recipes. Isn’t it about time for you to become a lean, mean, athletic, smart, happy, tan cool dude? This book will help you get there, and have fun along the way.

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ISBN-13: 9781732674554
Publisher: Bradventures LLC
Publication date: 12/06/2019
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Brad Kearns is the New York Times bestselling co-author of The Keto Reset Diet, host of the Get Over Yourself podcast, and #3 world-ranked professional triathlete. He is also the host of the Keto Reset online multimedia video course ( and the Primal Blueprint keto podcast.

Brian McAndrew became a YouTube celebrity with the epic and totally viral video, I Love My Ducks. Today he is a master filmmaker and audio engineer. He has been smooth, effortless, graceful, and badass in adhering to a strict ketogenic diet since early 2016, all the while pursuing ambitious goals in powerlifting and Crossfit. Brian started his Instagram site @WholeDoods as a protest against overpriced grocery chains.

William Shewfelt is the creator of the Primal Body program ( which has been lauded for combining cutting-edge dietary strategies, a well-balanced program of cardio and explosive strength workouts, and a no-nonsense, "take action now, ponder later" approach to goal setting. William is the host of the Will To Win podcast, and the lively Instagram site @WilliamShewfelt. William also beat out 10,000 candidates to star as Brody the red Power Ranger in the hit television series.

Table of Contents


Welcome to Your New Nose-to-Tail Life! 1

The "Evolution" of the Carnivore Diet 6

How to Get Started with Carnivore 10

Climbing a New Pyramid 12

How Hard Core for My Carnivore? 17

Carnivore Dudes Kitchen Arsenal 19

Dropping Excess Body Fat with the Carnivore Diet 21

The Final Frontier-Getting Down to Single-Digit Body Fat 29

The Authors' Carnivore Strategies 32

Change Your Life Eating Carnivore Dudes Recipes! 38

Fasting on Carnivore 41

Supplement Recommendations for a Carnivore Diet 43

Recipes 47

Eggs & Diary 49

Bodybuilder's Omelet 51

Braunschweiger & Anchovy Egg "Pizza" 52

Carnivore Sausage Egg McAndrew-Muffins 54

Cheesy Hard-Boiled Eggs & Bacon 56

Cottage Cheese Protein Bomb 59

Cottage Cheese Tuna Salad 60

Creamy Carnivore Coffee 62

Curley Boys' Breakfast Squares or Muffins 64

Dudes' Fasting Breakfast 66

Eggs-in-a-Hole Burgers 67

Fabulous Free-for-All Frittata 68

Gironda Steak and Eggs 70

Honey Meringue Kisses 73

Meaty Omelet 74

Nori Breakfast Burrito 76

Old School Bodybuilder Protein Shake 78

Pre- or Post-Workout Greek God Yogurt 81

Raw Milk Gel-O 82

Sausage and Egg Cups with Liverwurst Spread 84

Smoked Mackerel and Salmon Roe Omelet 86

Smoked Oyster Deviled Eggs 88

Steak and Egg Drop Soup 90

Steak and Egg Tacos 91

Steak Omelet 92

T-Bone Steak and Eggs 94

Vince Gironda Soft-Serve Ice Cream 96

West African Sardine Omelet 98

Yo-Tatoes 101

Yoked Scrambled Eggs 100

Fish 102

African Fish Balls 104

Air-Fried Salmon 106

Bacon-Wrapped Salmon 108

Carnivore "Salad" 109

Canned Salmon Egg Bake 110

Classic Oysters 112

Easy Sautéed Salmon 115

Faux Ceviche Shrimp 116

Lobster Omelet 118

Omega Butter 120

Parmesan Crusted Cod 123

Presto Pesto Scallops 124

Salmon Feta Burgers 126

Sardines 'n Sun-dried 128

Sheet Pan Shrimp Boil 131

Simple Ceviche 132

Steak and Oysters 134

The Nose-to-Tail Meal Muscle Bowl 137

Tuna Patties 138

Venison and Salmon Roe 139

Meat 140

80/20 Meatballs 143

B-Mac's Ground Beef 144

Bacon-Wrapped Meatballs 146

Badass Burger Infusion 149

BBQ Pork Ribs 152

Beef Short Ribs 155

Blue Cheese Buffalo Burger 156

Brian's 10-Minute Sirloin Steak 158

Carnivore Gourmet Burgers 161

Carnivore Muscle Bowl 162

Dr. Cate's Super Testosterone Boosting Stew 164

Express Steak and Eggs 166

Grass-Fed Chuck Roast 169

Ham Breakfast Tacos 170

Keto Breath Salad 172

Lamb "Donuts" with Yogurt Mint Sauce 174

Mama Shewfelt's Carnivore Buffet 177

Cheesy Bacon Meatloaf 178

Mustard Bacon Burgers 180

Nut Butter Ground Beef 183

Poliquin's Meat & Nut Breakfast 184

Peanut Butter Steak Skewers 186

Poor Man's Reverse Sear "Ribeye" 188

Pork Skewers 190

Raw Carnivore Carpaccio 193

Salt-Tenderized London Broil 194

Seared Lamb Chops 196

Sirloin Steak Bites 198

Steak Tartare 200

Walt's Manly Roast 202

Offal 205

Bacon and Liver! 207

Best Grilled Liver 208

Carnivore Bone Broth 210

Cheese Crisps and Liver Pâté 212

Chicharrone Nachos 214

Poultry 217

Bacon-Crusted Chicken 218

Chicharrones Chicken Strips 221

Chicken-Bacon-Beef Muscle Bowl 222

Chicken Heart Skewers 225

Crunchy Chicken Sticks with Dipping Sauce 226

Easy Roast Chicken 228

Fish Sauce Chicken Wings 230

Grilled Chicken and Cottage Cheese 232

Hot Sauce Chicken Wings 235

Indian Butter Chicken 236

Lemon Pepper Chicken Thighs 238

Poor Man's Teriyaki Chicken 240

Smoked Paprika Chicken 242

Index 244

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