Cancer...Teardrops Beneath the Kolorz of the Rainbow: Poetry to Uplift the Heart, Mind, and Soul

Cancer...Teardrops Beneath the Kolorz of the Rainbow: Poetry to Uplift the Heart, Mind, and Soul

by Lisa Whitaker, Kimberly Willis


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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and her M.S. and Ph.D.from The Florida State University. Cancer...Teardrops Beneath the Kolorz of the Rainbow is dedicated to anyone affected by cancer. The author reaches deep within and pours her heart, hurt, faith, and tears into this book. This poetry book allows the readers to write a daily devotional after reading each poem. Readers may smile while thinking of a loved one, others may shed a tear reminiscing of a friend, while some may let their inner thoughts pour onto the devotional pages as they think of their fight, battle, or submission with cancer. This poetry from the heart is a page turner and will uplift you and others.

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ISBN-13: 9781491820445
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 11/04/2013
Pages: 144
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.50(d)

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A Poetry Devotional to Uplift the Heart, Mind, and Soul

By Lisa Whitaker, Kimberly Willis


Copyright © 2013 Lisa Whitaker & Dr. Kimberly Willis
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4918-2045-2


    "The Enduring Touch"

    Last night before mother tucked me into bed,
    I kissed my dolly and played with the spiral curls on top of my head.

    In the morning my eyes catered closely to the sadness in mother's face,
    When she held me near in the warmth of her embrace.

    The pain of cancer grew hard to bare,
    But the consistency of her love was always there.

    We never gave up the fortitude of our fight,
    As we sought solace in prayer every night.

    There's a dream in every child ...
    To watch the gallivant stars shooting through the sky
    And to grow up and live the best of life.

    For all the struggles now I have endured,
    The season's axis will turn and one day I will be cured!

    Lisa Pettaway Whitaker

    "I Will Live"

    Some battles I will win others I may lose
    But this battle with lung cancer is the one I choose ...

    To fight vehemently every day
    And let nothing stand in my way,

    I'm proposed in a flight, lucrative of the stars daunting in the sky
    Arranged with life's beautiful wings inflated over the yellow sunrise,

    I refuse to give up ...
    I'm going to hold onto the joy I have inside
    And fight this battle with the will to survive,

    In my dreams where I often explore
    I discovered a passion for life in which I now strive for.

    Lisa Pettaway Whitaker

    "Movement of My Mountain"

    For every movement of my mountain I will climb higher in faith
    And advance higher in happiness with every step I take,

    I will embrace the agility of my wings and gather the stamina of grace
    As I climb higher in my rightful place,

    Cancer and I will separate along the way
    As my mountain lifts me up in the glorious towers of a new found day,

    As I climb into the windows of my dreams
    I gather the amusements of my heart,
    With my hands swiftly matting upon the hills
    And my feet journeying where the mountains are.

    Lisa Pettaway Whitaker

    "Rosebuds in My Eyes"

    I caressed the crimson sunlight
    Flaunted in my eyes,

    I partake of the lively
    Pleasures I often feel inside,

    I utter life as an intricate rose diffused and unseen,
    And captured in the treasures of my keepsake dreams,

    Yet, cancer interposed itself into my fairest of plans
    And my rosebud fell from my hands,

    Needless to say, the fragrance of new bouquets filled my empty space.

    And I discarded the old bouquet,

    Now I frequent the secret rosebuds dangling around
    In a new garden I have since found.

    Lisa Pettaway Whitaker

    "The Light of My Heart"

    The darkness clinched my tears
    Over a doleful smile which disguised my fears ...

    The holes in my heart seeped in despair
    For the pain of cancer was hard to bare,

    Often I repressed the sadness hidden inside
    With a subliminal glow daunting from my eyes,

    Thoughts of death shattered the joy of my plans
    But I gingerly held the glory of life closely in my hands,

    The desires of hope attired my heart with wishful sights
    To behold the sources of my dreams ... .
    And to win this cancer fight,

    Now, my tears are shadowed beneath the vision of the rose
    As my heartfelt passion of life unfolds.

    Lisa Pettaway Whitaker

    "The Victory Of Today"

    I'm ascribed in a new found joy wherein
    My days surrounding lung cancer has come to an end,

    I fervor the blessings that tomorrow will bring
    As I don a gracious smile alongside my new self-esteem ...

    My happiness is replenished joyfully each day
    As my sodden tears are tucked away,

    The hapless days of grey clouds flexing across the sky
    Now reflects of blue as starlight crosses nearby,

    Now, as I greet each day as it was truly meant to be
    My heart reflects still in, "my new found victory!"

    Lisa Pettaway Whitaker

    "A Vision Above"

    My eyes see beyond the wanders of my hair
    Whereas my heart flaunts in the glory that's still there,

    The thoughts of cancer bleakly ascend through my mind
    Around the doleful memories I left behind,

    My hands rearrange the borders around my cinder cage
    As my eyes ponder in delight and my heart is subsequently amazed,

    The bounds of chains I concealed inside
    Are buried beneath the tears I dried,

    The encounters of pain that weakened upon my dreams
    Sailed upon the after-shore in a vision unforeseen ...

    Whereas today, my life is overshadowed with a gift of love
    And a feeling of care from the visions up above.

    Lisa Pettaway Whitaker

    "An Empty Cage"

    Cancer, you and I shall no longer indulge
    For now I'm envisioned in a journey devoid of disease and impassioned
    in love,

    Today, I'm walking freely in the light of my destiny
    As I abandoned the cage you placed around me,

    I'm inspired with new wings ... the old ones I exchanged
    To maneuver in my life free of pain,

    The dismal clouds have now faded away
    As the sunlight on my wings brightens the day,

    Through my struggles and in the mist of my tears,
    I've abandoned my cage for now ... I shall live.

    Lisa Pettaway Whitaker

    "Fight for Hope"

    I celebrate my father's life in the conquests of his dreams
    For his brilliant battle with cancer and the victory he wanted to bring,

    I remember the pain; he would often try to hide
    And the promises of hope he kept inside

    I would hold his hands, with tears scrolling down my face
    And he would always tell me, "don't cry my child, soon my pain will be

    When God saw him growing weaker and the pain he could no longer bare
    He called him home and said, "Son I heard your prayer,"

    Now, I celebrate his courage to win
    As a triumphant soldier, defying cancer to the end.

    Lisa Pettaway Whitaker

    "Goodbye Cancer"

    I am alive and well today
    Because of my trust in God and my undying faith,

    I remember the lamenting pain that would render me haplessly
    In fright
    And the countless tears that flooded my pillow at night,

    One day I gathered up all the strength I had inside
    For cancer will not decide-

    The mellifluous moments of my dreams in being free
    Or filling my heart in melancholy,

    Never again shall I wrestle in relentless pain
    To me, cancer has no meaning; it's only a name,

    Each day now my faith is reaffirmed ...

    In knowing that you, cancer, will never return.

    Lisa Pettaway Whitaker

    "Grateful to be Free"

    Despite the difficulties I may face
    My joy is thorough, my tears ... wiped away,
    My eyes now attend upon the arrival of tomorrow's dreams
    And not in the illusions that you may bring,
    My heart is poised in the authenticity of God's will
    And cleaves not in death, but in the spirit to live,
    My mind is now seasoned in the wisdom to believe
    That one day I shall overcome this dreadful disease,
    And with strong vision I am proposed to see
    The purpose of each day, "living cancer free."

    Lisa Pettaway Whitaker

    "Hope for Life"

    Today cancer,
    I pardon my inmost wings
    Of surmounting pain ...
    And pledge a new fight
    Wherefore my strength sustains,
    In the appearance of what I do believe
    And not in the presence of sickness and disease
    Today cancer,
    I envision a life of being free
    And unlock the chains you have placed around me,
    That's why, today is the day
    I stare you straight in the face,
    And condemn you into a distant place....
    A place where the sunlight doesn't burn
    And the glow of the moon never returns.

    Lisa Pettaway Whitaker

    "Hope for Tomorrow"

    Yesterday, I saw the efforts of your smile
    Camouflaged underneath your pain,
    And I heard the pleasures of your laughter
    Slowly begin to change,
    I captured your tears in my heart's sacred place
    When I saw the sadness written all over your face,
    I knew time was approaching to give you reprieve
    And that soon, you would had to leave
    And that soon, you would have to leave
    And kissed you gently, as I said, "goodbye,"
    Today, I pray research will find the clue
    So lung cancer can become something the world once knew.

    Lisa Pettaway Whitaker

    "I Survived"

    Although I had cancer
    Cancer never had me
    For today I stand, in the eyes of victory,
    There were hills I had to cross
    And mountains I had to climb
    Yet my heart reflected in hope, and not what cancer defined.
    Now I follow the anatomy of my dreams;
    To walk in the adventure of a smile, to reverence each day with love
    And to give thanks daily, to my Father up above,
    If you ever see me with tears sweltering in my eyes
    Just know ...
    They symbolize the fight, which I survived.

    Lisa Pettaway Whitaker

    "I'm Free"

    I am inclined to believe
    That one day I will overcome this dreadful disease,
    With a charisma to live and an indulgence to fight
    I adjure my heart in hope, not in sight,
    The strength prepared in my heart celebrates the vivid colors of life ...
    Rather it be daunting rainbows lounged in the sky
    Or the tawny sunlight glimmering nearby,
    Cancer now anchors beneath the sedentary waves of the sea
    Near the bottomless pit, never to be free,
    Soon, you will become a vintage of the past
    Just a bad memory I once had,
    Now, I will live my life in the expectancy of my own beliefs
    And not in the cage you placed around me.

    Lisa Pettaway Whitaker

    "Joy Ahead"

    An insidious stain has loosened in my heart
    Yet my eyes amuse of the free,
    The bittersweet overstay of you in my life
    Has given me the pleasure to stand in victory,
    You began as a faucet pouring onto the day
    And somehow you ran the sunlight away ...
    Yet, I shall overcome as I climb the horizons floored in my dreams
    And stay afloat of the tide flowing downstream,
    The dark ends of the road, I no longer tread
    For my eyes only laud of beautiful rainbows steered ahead,
    Thus, as I rid you from this day I seek not revenge,
    But an excursion of joy wherefore my life contends.

    Lisa Pettaway Whitaker

    "Memory's Path"

    My Child,

    If yesterday was a place I could attend
    I would hold you in my arms all over again

    Although I know my wish may never come true
    I will always rekindle the memories I have of you,

    My heart now follows in the path of sacred times
    As I recollect the memories you left behind,

    Through the tenure of your pain, I circumcised my tears
    And remained wistful, of your cancer ... free years,

    But somehow, destiny chose another fate
    When the sky light glowed and heaven opened its' gate

    Notably, your voyage here with me was complete
    As God entered you into His arms and gave you peaceful sleep.

    Lisa Pettaway Whitaker

    "Morning Peace"

    Remember me as a part of the scarlet sunset shining in spring
    As I stand in the meadows, closely beside my King,
    I am adorned in the royalty of my crown
    With ornaments of peace dangling all around,
    Let not sadness overwhelm your heart in despair
    Just look in your heart and you'll find me there,
    Resting in a place, not too far
    Close to the green meadows, beneath the morning star

    Lisa Pettaway Whitaker

    "My Morning Song"

    Securely, I'll hold your memories fully in my dreams
    As I sing dulcet songs over the flowers of spring,
    When your journey here on earth made a sudden detour
    I knew this world could no longer offer you a cure,
    And in the morning before the wind did blow
    I untied your wings to let you go ...
    To emerge on a path where twilight breaks free
    And where daffodils bloom throughout eternity,
    Although my heart was softened for the healing of your pain
    My eyes remorse when your destiny was attained.
    But now the gift of peace elates in my morning song
    In knowing your battle with cancer was finally won

    Lisa Pettaway Whitaker

    "The Destiny of My Dreams"

    Before cancer's pain,
    I set my eyes upon
    An imminent journey ...
    In the season of spring
    And cherished the laughter
    Destined in my dreams,
    During the pain,
    I feigned an illicit smile
    Filled with a tyranny of hope,
    While the darkness clouded my eyes
    And my heart began to gloat,
    My pillow solaced the tears I could no longer spare
    As the spirit of my heart held me in prayer,
    Thereafter the pain my eyes emblazon upon the
    Blissful dreams I adore, and my heart
    Treasures the places where cancer visits no more.

    Lisa Pettaway Whitaker

    "The Dreams of Tomorrow"

    My eyes close upon the darkness
    And draws upon the clearness of the light
    Whereas my vision of tomorrow ensues upon a new journey
    To win cancer's fight,

    Cancer will not take away my dreams lying ahead
    Or the pilgrimage of my smile ...
    For my age, is only of a child,

    The ardor of my dreams aspire of whatever comes my way
    Rather the sun paints the sky blue, or misty clouds dampen the day,
    As I look around, and the beauty of dawn fills the air
    I realize, that I have so much to be grateful for, and so little to despair,

    I paused my heart from sadness and calmed my eyes from the tears
    As I face the joy of tomorrow, where my hope now lives,
    Never again, will cancer malign the destiny of my dreams
    For now, my hope dwells in the joy of being a child
    And the blessings tomorrow brings.

    Lisa Pettaway Whitaker

    "The Journey Of A Smile"

    I saw the doleful look in your eyes and the posture of your smile,
    As you fought liver cancer every day ...
    I held the passion in your hands
    As I consoled your dismay,
    Through the efforts of your struggles
    I sought comfort of your pain
    But the unrest in your eyes, I could not change,
    As I listened to the whispers stifled in your voice
    I knew it was time to make a choice ... .
    To prolong your duress
    Or free your heart into imminent rest,
    In the end, I had to release you in a secret place
    Where I go often, to reminisce the smile glowing from your face.

    Lisa Pettaway Whitaker

    "The Joy of Life"

    Today my life is inclined
    To tread upon new steps, and leave the old ones behind,
    As I leisure in the sunlight of a brand new day
    Cancer will no longer impede my way,
    In the milestones of my journey, the road wasn't always as it seemed
    Nevertheless, I never let cancer detour me from my dreams ... .
    Today my life is inclined
    To climb the heights of the clouds of a rainy day
    And clench the joy of life
    Before it slips away,
    Today, my life is inclined,
    To seal a candid smile upon the day
    As I absorb the crisp sunlight venturing across my face,
    Today, I will hold tomorrow very close to me
    While I vigil each day, "cancer free"

    Lisa Pettaway Whitaker

    "Tomorrow's Roses"

    I fragrance the aroma of roses each day
    As I fondle the sun's embrace,
    My heart rekindles a newfound joy inside
    In the freedom of life and not in cancer's demise ...
    Yesterday, my tears nurtured the dreariness of the storm
    When my heart drenched in sorrow and my faith was torn,
    Today, I pertain to the delicacy of love fostering through the air
    And the absence of disease I no longer bare,
    Estranged I am, from my river of tears
    As I inhale new roses in my cancer-free years!

    Lisa Pettaway Whitaker

    "A New Life"

    Today is the first day of my life ...
    When I look beyond the measures of me
    And envision the beautiful sights of reality,
    Today is the day
    I choose to walk in sync of my dreams,
    And leave behind the travesties cancer brings,
    Today is the day
    I'm standing against all odds
    And bearing my faith in the vigilance of God,
    Today is the day
    My heart is impassioned with virtuous ideas,
    In a creative purpose for which I live.

    "Happiness Inside"

    And yet I'm still alive
    Despite the cancer I have inside ...
    I emptied the sadness seemingly from my soul
    And embraced the fight in which I'm composed,
    Each day as the vigil of the sunlight basks over my face
    I hold onto the passion of life's embrace
    And cast the fear of cancer far away,
    The pities of sorrow, once scrolled on my face ...
    Now reflect of smiles I politely display,
    My recollection of joy ...
    Revels of happiness and peace growing inside,
    And not in the sand hills of darkness where cancer lies.
    Lisa Pettaway Whitaker


Excerpted from CANCER ... TEARDROPS BENEATH THE KOLORZ OF THE RAINBOW by Lisa Whitaker, Kimberly Willis. Copyright © 2013 Lisa Whitaker & Dr. Kimberly Willis. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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