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Butcher. Baker. Eviscerator.

Butcher. Baker. Eviscerator.

by Leonard Palmer


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November, 1978

Jennifer Atwill has gone missing. The daughter of sitting congressman Lincoln Atwill attended a going away party for her first year of college. Sometime between the beginning of that party and at its end she vanished. Her friends have no idea where she might be, and those who attended the party had no idea when or to where she disappeared. Every party goer was interrogated, and every party goer was cleared.

All save one:

Cabby and arteest Johnny Jump.

Jennifer Atwill took Johnny's taxi to the party, and had left instructions for him to pick her up at midnight, when she needed to leave the festivities to prepare for her trip to the prestigious east coast college she would be attending. Johnny showed up as requested, but the girl was nowhere to be found.

Johnny is a former felon, having served one year in state prison for abducting a woman while he was on an LSD fueled Viet Nam flashback...

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