Brain Games for Dogs: Tricks, Games and Activities for Train your Dog Wellness and Intelligence

Brain Games for Dogs: Tricks, Games and Activities for Train your Dog Wellness and Intelligence

by Maurice Coolsgrove


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Want to learn how to train the smartest dog ever?

Are you struggling to control your dog? Are you sick and tired of the annoyance of a undisciplined dog? You want to make your dog cleverer and do what you say? If you get this book you will learn some of the best methods for your dog's mental health and physical wellness. You will find out all you need to know for years to come to keep your dog in shape. It is a reality that it is used or wasted when it comes to your brain. In average, people undergo brain exercises every day. We function crossword puzzles, practice challenging video games and solve work problems, etc.

But what about our dog? What about our dog? Dogs just like humans like brain stimulation. There are several brain games for dogs that are good ways of exercising one's mind while connecting with him. Most sports provide the mix of aerobic exercises. These games are not only effective in enhancing your dog's brain function, they reward both your dog and you and best... they are fun! Whether your dog is an average adult, a young puppy, a senior or even disabled person, this book offers brain games for everyone. There's no dog left behind. The book not only shows you your canine skills, but it also explains the behavior and how it interacts with humans. You will be surprised by the similarities and just what he can learn. Play interactive games on his own territory where the dog most definitely is relaxed.

Word Games for dogs are great at making your pocket expand its very essential language because the visual hearing part of the brain that you and your dog share so that it can hold the information in top form and maintain a strong relationship between you two. These dog tricks can be done in very small areas, such as small apartments or in the garden.

The games detailed in this book incorporate his excellent smell with problem solving, memory and other learning abilities. If your dog loves a lake or pond, take lessons to the water. You can even do it at the beach. Water Logged Tricks and Water Fetch add a twist to brain games by inside the water, creating a tactile element in the mix. With this enjoyable dog activity guide, you can learn to encourage your dog to use his intellect more so that he gets smarter.

You will also encourage him to keep his brain active, because like people, he uses it or loses it. So read on and get ready to have the most intelligent pocket on the block as a dog whose owner has time to teach him not only brilliantly but also extremely happy!


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