Bombers, Rioters and Police Killers: Violent Crime and Disorder in Victorian Britain

Bombers, Rioters and Police Killers: Violent Crime and Disorder in Victorian Britain

by Simon Webb

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“Fascinating and enlightening . . . Historical true crime books can often fall victim to being very dry . . . [This book], however, is quite the opposite” (Crime Traveler).
Despite the Victorian period’s reputation for stability and social order, there was plenty of civil disorder during this time—violent crime and terrorism were considerably worse than they are today. This book recounts a time when citizens faced problems eerily similar to those with which we have to contend in modern times. Whether a rise in armed robberies and muggings; debates about the arming of the police; bag searches due to fears about terrorists planting bombs in museums and railway stations; or anxiety about rioting on the streets of our cities; our Victorian ancestors faced precisely the same difficulties well over a century ago.
With stories of police officers shot, stabbed, or beaten to death, and of bombs exploding in the London Underground, this is an enlightening look at how the good old days were not always so good.

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Publication date: 11/30/2015
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About the Author

Simon Webb is the author of a number of non-fiction books, ranging from academic works on education to popular history. He works as a consultant on the subject of capital punishment to television companies and filmmakers and also writes for various magazines and newspapers; including the Times Educational Supplement, Daily Telegraph and the Guardian.

Table of Contents

Introduction vi

Chapter 1 His Majesty, King Mob: Tumult and Disorder in the Years Leading up to the Victorian Period 1

Chapter 2 Killed in the Line of Duty: The Murder of Police Officers in the Early Years of Victoria's Reign 12

Chapter 3 The Garrotting Panic: Mugging and Street Robbery in Mid-nineteenth-century Britain 32

Chapter 4 Calling Out the Military: The Use of Troops to Suppress Disorder and Rioting 47

Chapter 5 The Clerkenwell Outrage: Victorian London's 9/11 68

Chapter 6 The Myth of the Unarmed Police Force: The Police Response to Gun Crime in the 1870s and 1880s 88

Chapter 7 Black Monday and Bloody Sunday: Rioting in the West End 118

Chapter 8 The Dynamiters: Terrorism in Late Victorian Britain 139

Chapter 9 The End of an Unruly Era: Disorder and Violence as Victoria's Reign Drew to a Close 155

Epilogue 165

Bibliography 167

Index 169

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