Black Americans, We Need You.: The Call for Self-Accountability for All African-Americans

Black Americans, We Need You.: The Call for Self-Accountability for All African-Americans

by Brian K. Rice


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If you are looking for a book that will give you a range of ideas on how to make a positive impact in the African-American community, then "Black Americans, We Need You!" is it.

This book has:
*400+ pages of solutions focused on the improvement of Black America
*300+ community driven organizations identified across Black America
*200+ community empowering programs across Black America
*70+ detailed non-profit and for-profit community examples across Black America

(This book was written because of the deep passion that God put in me to make a difference in my community. As I was preparing my detailed plan for my own non-profit vision I realized that I had gathered a vast amount of information that could help others. The first section of the book, I described how each of us could make an immediate impact. In section two, I identified hundreds of organizations around this country that are making a positive difference in Black America for the sole purpose to give you ideas on how to make an impact in your community. I went into a deeper depth of seventy plus organizations that has programs that stretch across character development, crime prevention, education development, community development, economic development, health & wellness and so much more. The categories below are also addressed among the hundreds of programs that I have highlighted. Please, find an area within you community where you can make a positive impact. We need more concerned citizens to help by giving your time and resources to the following programs. I hope this book inspires you with great ideas so you can make a significant impact in the lives of those around you. B. Rice)

Black Americans, We Need You! is written with the hope that the examples and writings within the book will inspire and encourage ordinary African-Americans to step in and help those they can.

Brian K. Rice did a wonderful job of explaining the need and then providing examples of solutions for the each need.

If you would like to scan through a sample of the book, go to and click on the PDF excerpt of the book on the "Black Americans, We Need You!" page.

Feel free to visit Brian at to learn more about the positive vision and mission placed on his life.

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ISBN-13: 9781461074533
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/21/2011
Pages: 428
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About the Author

Brian K. Rice is passionate about helping others and is willing to do all he can to uplift and encourage others to make a difference in their personal lives and the lives of those around them. Brian is a dreamer with a vision to create one of the most impactful not-for-profits this world has seen. Brian has written multiple books and all the books are focused on how to improve you and your surroundings. Brian's first book, "Prepare For Your Success" focuses on encouraging Young Professionals to always keep their goals of success in mind as they advance through the tough times and good times of life. Brian's second book, "Kid's Be Great" targets elementary students and it is a motivational book based on his real life mentoring experiences with 3rd to 5th graders. "Black Americans, We Need You!" is an all in one book for the African American family and community.

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