Biological and Biochemical Oscillators

Biological and Biochemical Oscillators

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Biological and Biochemical Oscillators compiles papers on biochemical and biological oscillators from a theoretical and experimental standpoint.
This book discusses the oscillatory behavior, excitability, and propagation phenomena on membranes and membrane-like interfaces; two-dimensional analysis of chemical oscillators; and chemiluminescence in oscillatory oxidation reactions catalyzed. The problems associated with the computer simulation of oscillating systems; mechanism of single-frequency glycolytic oscillations; excitation wave propagation during heart fibrillation; and biochemical cycle of excitation are also elaborated. This compilation likewise covers the physiological rhythms in Saccharomyces cerevisiae populations; integral and indissociable property of eukaryotic gene-action systems; and role of actidione in the temperature jump response of the circadian rhythm in Euglena gracilis.
This publication is valuable to biochemists interested in biochemical and biological oscillations.

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I. Oscillator Theory

Oscillatory Behavior, Excitability, and Propagation Phenomena on Membranes and Membranelike Interfaces

Two-Dimensional Analysis of Chemical Oscillators

Stability Properties of Metabolic Pathways with Feedback Interactions

II. Oscillations in Defined Chemical and Biochemical Systems

Some Experiments of a Chemical Periodic Reaction in Liquid Phase

A Study of a Self-Oscillatory Chemical Reaction: I. The Autonomous System

A Study of a Self-Oscillatory Chemical Reaction: II. Influence of Periodic External Force

A Study of a Self-Oscillatory Chemical Reaction: III. Space Behavior

Chemiluminescence in Oscillatory Oxidation Reactions Catalyzed by Horseradish Peroxidase

A Siphon Model for Oscillatory Reactions in the Reduced Pyridine Nucleotide, O2 and Peroxidase System

Damping of Mitochondrial Volume Oscillations by Propranolol and Related Compounds

III. Glycolytic Oscillations

The Control Theoretic Approach to the Analysis of Glycolytic Oscillators

Problems Associated with the Computer Simulation of Oscillating Systems

The Effect of Fructose Diphosphate Activation of Pyruvate Kinase on Glycolytic Oscillations in Beef Heart Supernatant: An Experimental and Simulation Study

On the Mechanism of Single-Frequency Glycolytic Oscillations

Kinetics of Yeast Phosphofructokinase and the Glycolytic Oscillator

Substrate Control of Glycolytic Oscillations

Control Mechanism of Glycolytic Oscillations

Component Structure of Oscillating Glycolysis

Glycolytic Oscillations in Cells and Extracts of Yeast - Some Unsolved Problems

Synchronization Phenomena in Oscillations of Yeast Cells and Isolated Mitochondria

IV. Oscillations in Tissues

Oscillating Contractile Structures from Insect Fibrillar Muscle

Kinetic Model of Muscle Contraction

Excitation Wave Propagation during Heart Fibrillation

Conformational Oscillations of Protein Macromolecules of Actomyosin Complex

Oscillations in Muscle Creatine Kinase Activity

Oscillation of Sodium Transport across a Living Epithelium

Biochemical Cycle of Excitation

Possible Pathways for the Succinate Concentration Burst in the Active Metabolic State

V. Oscillations in Growing Cell Populations

Undamped Oscillations Occurring in Continuous Cultures of Bacteria

Stable Synchrony Oscillations in Continuous Cultures of Saccharomyces cerevisiae under Glucose Limitation

Physiological Rhythms in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Populations

Long- and Short-Period Oscillations in a Myxomycete with Synchronous Nuclear Divisions

Oscillations in the Epigenetic System: Biophysical Model of the ß-Galactosidase Control System

VI. Circadian Oscillations

The Investigation of Oscillatory Processes by Perturbation Experiments: I. The Dynamical Interpretation of Phase Shifts

The Investigation of Oscillatory Processes by Perturbation Experiments: II. A Singular State in the Clock-Oscillation of Drosophila Pseudoobscura

The Circadian Oscillation: An Integral and Undissociable Property of Eukaryotic Gene-Action Systems

Respiration Dependent Types of Temperature Compensation in the Circadian Rhythm of Euglena Gracilis

The Role of Actidione in the Temperature Jump Response of the Circadian Rhythm in Euglena Gracilis

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