Beer A Tasting Course: A Flavor-Focused Approach to the World of Beer

Beer A Tasting Course: A Flavor-Focused Approach to the World of Beer

by Mark Dredge
Beer A Tasting Course: A Flavor-Focused Approach to the World of Beer

Beer A Tasting Course: A Flavor-Focused Approach to the World of Beer

by Mark Dredge


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Develop your palate and become your own beer sommelier.

Beer is now brewed in a dizzying variety of styles, available to enjoy like never before. Let’s drink to this diversity with a new appreciation of just how complex and mind-expanding beer can be.
Crack open this book and enjoy a series of guided tastings of more than 50 different beer styles—from smoked black lager to sour-fermented wild ales, triple green-hopped IPAs and cask-matured barley wines. With each tasting, you will learn to identify how aroma, taste, texture, and finish all combine to create the distinctive flavor profile of the particular beer style. You will discover which unique ingredients and aspects of the brewing process combine to produce each style, while quick reviews of the best examples from around the world will lead you to explore further.
To help establish your beer palate, the course starts with a solid grounding in the range of flavors found in beer and the art of detecting them—opening your nose, mind, and throat to the complete sensory experience of flavor and pouring the perfect glass!
Travel through time and across the globe to grasp the ongoing story of beer, its heritage, and its innovation. Also learn how to pair beer with food and to cook with beer. In the end, you always return to what really matters: that miraculous glass of cold, liquid joy.

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ISBN-13: 9780744061284
Publisher: DK
Publication date: 11/08/2022
Series: A Tasting Course
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 656,315
Product dimensions: 7.80(w) x 9.30(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Mark Dredge is an award-winning beer writer and TV presenter. Mark repeatedly won Beer and Food Writer of the Year in 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2016 at the British and American Guild of Beer Writers - also winning Beer and Travel Writer of the Year in 2016. His published works include A Brief History of Lager, Beer and Food, Cooking with Beer, The Best Beer in the World, The New Craft Beer World, The Beer Bucket List, The New Craft Beer World, and Beer and Veg. Mark presents on ‘Sunday Brunch’ as Channel 4’s beer expert and is an international beer judge, attending top competitions such as the World Beer Cup and the Great American Beer Festival. He also co-runs BeerDredge, where he continues to share knowledge on all things Beer.

Table of Contents

Introduction 8

What is Beer?

Introduction 10

The Story of Beer 12

The History of Beer 14

How Flavor Works 16

A Sense for Beer 18

Sensory Evaluation of Beer 20

Understanding Beer Styles 24

Beer Foam 28

Pouring the Perfect Beer 30

Does the Glass Matter? 32

How Beer is Made 34

Water in Beer 36

Grains & Malting 38

Types of Malt 40

Grain in the Brewery 42

The Flavors of Malt 44

Beer Recipes 46

The Role of Hops 50

Growing Hops 52

Types of Hops 54

Hops in the Brewery 56

Hop Regions & Key Varieties 58

Hop Flavors 60

Yeast & Fermentation 64

The Flavors of Fermentation 66

Maturation & Finishing Beer 68

Barrel Aging & Other Ingredients 70

Fresh vs. Aged Beer 72

Beer Off Flavors 76

Beer in the Bar 82

Beer & Food 84

Different Approaches to Beer & Food 86

Finding Balance & Harmony 88

Great Beer & Food Matches to Try 90

Navigating Beer by Style

Introduction 94

Lagers 96

German-Style Pilsner 98

Czech Pale Lager 100

American Lager & Pilsner 102

Modern Pilsner 104

Helles 106

Franconian Lager & Kellerbier 108

Vienna Lager & American Amber Lager 110

Märzen & Festbier 112

Czech-Style Amber & Dark Lager 114

Dunkel & Schwarzbier 116

Bock & Doppelbock 118

Kölsch 120

Altbier 122

Rauchbier & Smoked Beer 124

Pale Ales, IPAS, & Hop-Forward Ales 126

American-Influenced IPA 128

American Pale Ale 130

American IPA & West Coast IPA 132

American Double IPA & West Coast Double IPA 134

Hazy Pale Ale 136

Hazy IPA 138

Hazy DIPA 140

Session IPA 142

Pacific Pale Ale & IPA 144

English Pale Ale 146

Red IPA & Black IPA 148

Blonde Ale & Golden Ale 150

Amber Ale & Red Ale 152

Hoppy British Ale 154

Malt-Forward Ales 156

Traditional British Bitter 158

British-Style Mild & Old Ale 160

Brown Ale 162

Strong Ale & Scottish Ale 164

Barley Wine 166

Porter 168

Baltic Porter 170

Dry Stout 172

Sweet Stout 174

Imperial Stout 176

Barrel-Aged Beer 178

Sour Beers & Fruit Beers 180

Lambic: A Brussels Beer Tradition 182

Spontaneously Fermented Beers 184

Flemish-Style Red-Brown Ale 186

Traditional Fruit Sours 188

Mixed Fermentation & Wild Ales 190

Berliner Weisse & Gose 192

Modern Fruit & Adjunct Sours 194

Flavored Beers 196

No- & Low-Alcohol Beers 198

Wheat Beers & Belgian Ales 200

Hefeweizen 202

Dunkelweizen & Weizenbock 204

Witbier 206

Saison 208

Farmhouse & Rustic Ales 210

Belgian Blonde & Pale Ale 212

Belgian Strong Blonde & Tripel 214

Belgian Brune & Dubbel 216

Belgian Strong Dark Ale & Quadrupel 218

Index 220

Acknowledgments 223

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