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At the Throne of Grace: A Book of Prayers

At the Throne of Grace: A Book of Prayers

by John MacArthur

Paperback(Large Print)



Now available in paperback--a best-selling collection of powerful Scripture readings and prayers from Bible teacher John MacArthur.

For more than 40 years, John has steadfastly committed himself to the careful and faithful teaching of God's Word at Grace Community Church in Southern California. A special outgrowth of this ministry?one that has particularly blessed the congregation at the church?is the heartfelt and God-centered prayers that precede his sermons.

In this book, prayers and Scripture readings from across John's years of teaching have been brought together to stir Christians toward more edifying communion with God. This book will guide readers, in the most intimate way possible, before God's throne of grace?so that they expand the horizons of their prayers as they pour out their praises, confessions, and thanksgiving to the Lord.

These prayers are highly personal and filled with content that will encourage believers toward a richer and more meaningful prayer life.

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ISBN-13: 9781594154409
Publisher: Gale Group
Publication date: 10/19/2012
Series: Christian Large Print Originals
Edition description: Large Print
Pages: 366
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

John MacArthur is the pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California; president of The Master?s College & Seminary; and featured teacher for the Grace to You media ministry, which reaches millions worldwide. John has also written many bestselling books, including The Gospel According to Jesus. He and his wife, Patricia, have 4 married children and 15 grandchildren.

Table of Contents

A Personal Word 7

Preface 11

Prayers on Worship and the Attributes of God

Adoring Our Advocate Unreservedly 19

Yearning for Constant, Complete Worship 23

Praising God for What We Know 27

Pursuing the Perfect Righteousness of Christ 31

Loving the Lord of the Law 35

Reflecting on the Power of One 39

Reflecting on Past and Future Examples of God's Faithfulness 43

Praising God Alone 47

Adoring God for His Creation and Especially His Word 51

Praising Father, Son, and Holy Spirit 55

Singing Praise to God Outwardly and Inwardly 59

Prayers on Joy and Longing

Knowing for Sure That Our Joy Is True Joy 67

Seeking to Love with a Heavenly Love 71

Overflowing with Gratitude for God's Love 75

Contemplating Eternal Life and Joy 79

Living a Little Heaven on Earth 83

Living Like We're Really Awake 87

Basking in the Love God Lavishes on Us 91

The Aching Heart Being Satisfied in Christ 95

Thanking God for a Spiritual Banquet 101

Waiting Patiently for God's Perfect Justice 105

Approaching God When Dismayed Yet Hopeful 109

Prayers on the Cross and the Gospel

Clinging to the Cross of Christ 115

Upholding and Being Conformed by the Gospel 119

Being Delivered from Darkness to Light 123

Praising God for How He Has Revealed Himself 127

Contemplating the Cross and Finding Contentment 131

Realizing That What Was Given Us Freely, Christ Paid in Full 137

Desiring to Be More Thankful and Humble Regarding the Gospel 141

Remembering What We Were Rescued From 145

Being in Awe over Our Narrow Escape 149

Prayers on Personal Holiness

Longing for Continual Cleansing 155

Knowing the Pattern of Sin Has Been Broken, and Desiring Steady Progress for Good 159

Experiencing All That God Would Have for Us 163

Cringing from Hypocrisy and Craving Sincerity 167

Longing to Be Characterized by the Fruit of the Spirit 171

Lamenting, like Lazarus, over the Grave Clothes That Remain 175

Being Made Capable of Pleasing God 179

Being Thankful for That Which Subdues and Covers All Iniquities 133

Imitating the Faith of Abraham 187

Being Imitators of the Lord and Revering His Word 191

Wanting to Live a Radically Altered Life 195

Yearning for Speech That Blesses God and Man 199

Prayers on Useful Service

Confessing Freely to Be More Resolute and Useful 205

A Supreme Yearning to Be a Blessing 209

Being Empowered to Serve 213

Seeking to Be Acceptable 217

Rejoicing to Have a Piece of God's Action 221

Wanting to Be an Active Part of the Body of Christ 225

Carrying Out the Great Commission 229

Contemplating the Power of the Church-the Body of Christ 233

Living a Transformed Life for Gods Sake and Man's 237

Appendix: Prayers on Holy Seasons

A Christmas Prayer: What We Truly See When Picturing Christ's Humble Birth 243

An Easter Prayer: Sharing in Christ's Resurrection Life 247

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