Anger Management eBook - How To Control Your Anger To Get The Most Out Of Your Life.(Inspiration & Personal Growth)

Anger Management eBook - How To Control Your Anger To Get The Most Out Of Your Life.(Inspiration & Personal Growth)

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Your Anger Is A Silent Killer
Living with anger physically changes the bodys biochemistry releasing toxins into your bloodstream slowly poisoning you, this is why anger is known as the silent killer.

Living like this for years eventually catches up and manifests itself in the form of health issues. Most people arent even aware of the damage theyre causing their own body until one day they have a major heart attack and wonder how it could have happened. Its not until they understand that their anger was a contributing factor to their health condition that they finally realize their heart attack was a long time in the making.

Did you know that those who live with chronic anger are more at risk of heart disease, stroke, impaired immune system, higher blood pressure and cholesterol levels than those not living with chronic anger? So it pays to control your anger and not let it control you.

Thats just the physical cost of anger, what about the emotional and psychological aspects? What is it costing you in terms of your relationships with your loved ones? Is it driving a wedge between your and your family? Is it stealing the joy from your life? The isolation and the loneliness you experience living with chronic anger can be the highest price of all.

Do You Live With Chronic Anger?

Do You Allow Trivial Things That Should Have No Effect On Your Life To Make You Angry?

Do You Allow Anger To Control Your Life?

Is Your Temper Hair Trigger That It Doesnt Take Much To Set You Off?

Do You Miss Out On Enjoying Your Time?

Is Your Anger Too Intense?

Does Your Anger Feel More Like Rage, To The Point Where You Can't Control It, The Point Where You Couldn't Stop Being Angry Now No Matter How Hard You Try?

Do You Use Your Anger To Help You Get Through Life?

Are Your Family Or Friends Afraid Of Your Temper?
If youve answered yes to any of these questions, you more than likely have an anger problem that you need to address now if you want to have the closeness with loved ones and quality of life that your anger has been robbing you of.

Its Never Too Late There Is Hope - Things Can Change
You can only change if youre armed with the right tools and youre about to have them handed to you right now. No longer to do you have to live with a condition thats been keeping you unhappy. You can learn to get your anger under control in a few easy steps with Anger Management: How To Control Your Anger To Get The Most Out Of Your Life.

With this system youll learn to identify your anger triggers, the different types of anger, what its costing you to continue living in this way and how to keep it from destroying your life.
Be in control of your anger so that it no longer controls you.

Do You Have An Anger Problem? 5
Ask Yourself These Questions 7
Anger And Its After Effects 9
Types Of Anger 10
The Benefits Of Anger 13
Anger Management At Work 14
The Price Of Anger 15
The Warning Signs Of Anger 18
Ten Basic Anger Management Techniques 20
Diffuse Your Anger With Positive Self-Talk 25
Diffuse Your Anger With Assertive Communication 27
Serve Them A Sandwich 30
Dealing With An Angry Child 33
Eight Tips For Angry Children 35
How To Handle Your Angry Teen 38
Some Final Tips 39
Should You Take An Anger Management Course? 41

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