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And Then I Knew My Abundance: Lessons From A Course In Miracles

And Then I Knew My Abundance: Lessons From A Course In Miracles

by James Nussbaumer


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And Then I Knew My Abundance focuses on how to recognize consciousness as an entity that you create.

Ask yourself, what is truly a higher order: the physical self or the natural Divine Self? Imagine a place of insightful activity that you're able to find somewhere in your mind--a place where the confusing possibilities about your consciousness are cleared away, and the absolute is brought forward. This place exists. It's where your true potential can once and for all be realized and then accepted.

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ISBN-13: 9781940265506
Publisher: Ozark Mountain Publishing
Publication date: 04/15/2018
Series: N/A
Pages: 230
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x (d)

About the Author

James Nussbaumer had a successful 25-year career in the financial services industry until facing the pressures of an economy in freefall and a personal life in turmoil, he illegally withdrew $100,000 of his clients' funds to try to recoup the value of their investments. The strategy failed and landed him in jail for 10 years. His time in prison has been hell and also unexpectedly fruitful, resulting in his return to his first love: writing. He lives in Massillon, OH.

Table of Contents

Introduction i

Part I The Dream of Life 1

Chapter 1 The Jewel 3

Chapter 2 Humanity's Vicious Circle 6

Chapter 3 The Dream Character, or Ego 10

Chapter 4 The Ego Will Try to Surround Your Reality 13

Chapter 5 The Two Thought Systems 17

Chapter 6 Jailer or Liberator? It's Your Choice 21

Chapter 7 The Secret Society 24

Chapter 8 Your Real Vision 30

Chapter 9 The Mission 34

Part II The Shift Through Time 39

Chapter 10 Your Shift to Abundance 41

Chapter 11 That Place of Zero Ego Involvement 47

Chapter 12 To Have and to Be 51

Chapter 13 Is Space the Divider? 54

Chapter 14 The Name You Choose for Reality 57

Chapter 15 Accepting Yourself 60

Chapter 16 Our Shared Certainty 66

Chapter 17 Claiming the Power of Extension 70

Part III Living with Certainty 75

Chapter 18 The Certainty of Your Extension 77

Chapter 19 Conflict Seeks Allies 81

Chapter 20 The Gathering Place 86

Chapter 21 Forgetting So You May Remember 92

Chapter 22 Laying the Groundwork 98

Chapter 23 Healing in Order to Forget 102

Chapter 24 An Exercise for Peace of Mind & Certainty 106

Part IV The Power of Your Healing Mind 109

Chapter 25 The Unhealed Healer 111

Chapter 26 Healing and Harmony 116

Chapter 27 Knowledge Doesn't Depend on Beliefs 124

Chapter 28 Are You Making or Creating Your Life? 130

Chapter 29 Accepting the Power of the Universe 136

Chapter 30 Denial as a Defense 140

Chapter 31 Giving intuition a Chance 145

Chapter 32 An Exercise: Offer It and Ask for It 150

Part V Miracles 155

Chapter 33 The Wine Country 157

Chapter 34 Abundance or Scarcity as Your Choice 163

Chapter 35 Are You Preserving Your Beliefs? 166

Chapter 36 The Carbon Copy 169

Chapter 37 Selfishness Versus Self-Fullness 174

Chapter 38 Wondering if it's Real 180

Chapter 39 The Bridge Club 185

Chapter 40 Your Natural Environment 191

Part VI Beyond the Ego 199

Chapter 41 There is No Substitute 201

Chapter 42 The Evolving of Holiness 205

Chapter 43 Reality Holds Your Holiness 211

Chapter 44 Don't Give Him What He Doesn't Ask For 216

Chapter 45 Your Naturalness Beyond the Dream 220

Resources 227

About the Author 229

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