America's God & Its Founding Fathers

America's God & Its Founding Fathers

by Jerry R Self


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America was founded by great men and women who had a great faith in God. Our country's Constitution, great institutions, & laws are rooted & grounded on the significant principles of the Bible. That is our rich heritage. Now under attack in this great "one nation under God" are all things pertaining to prayer, the Bible, & God. In America's God & Its Founding Fathers, by Jerry R. Self, the author returns to the writings & speeches of our Founding Fathers and, from their own words, using their diaries, journals, letters, & speeches, rather than what others have said about them, seeks to glean a true & accurate understanding of who they were, what they did, what they believed, & what they wanted for America.This unique, insightful, & thought-provoking book makes the argument that a return to the original Constitution & other documents that helped to birth a great nation will prove that religion was meant to play a much larger part in American society today. In the words of the author, "We, the people of these United States, must know our heritage, teach it to our children & grandchildren, & defend it at all costs, as did our forefathers. This book is intended to be an historical defense of our Christian heritage."

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About the Author

Jerry R. Self grew up in rural Alabama and went on to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of North Alabama. After teaching for several years, he served congregations in the Church of Christ as their local minister while earning an additional B.A. degree in Bible from Heritage Christian University.
The author returned to the public school system to teach high school while simultaneously earning an Education Specialist Degree from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. In addition, Mr. Self served for a time as assistant Principal for Brilliant (Alabama) High School, volunteered as a local firefighter, and served for a number of years as Fire Chief in Brilliant, Alabama.
He was a faculty sponsor for academic and yearbook projects, and operated the public address system for football games.
Married with two children, he also served on the Maywood Christian Camp Board of Directors for over thirty years. He served the Goldmine Church of Christ in Brilliant for 21 years as pulpit minister, and for many of those years as an elder in the congregation. He continues to be active in community, school, and church activities.

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