America. Words That Shaped The Nation. The First 50 Years 1776-1826

America. Words That Shaped The Nation. The First 50 Years 1776-1826

by Mike Rothmiller


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America. Words that Shaped the Nation. The First 50 Years. 1776- 1826 contains our country's foremost milestone documents. These documents were gathered from National Archives and Records Administrations national holdings. The documents contained in volume one chronicle United States history from 1776 to 1826. Volume two will cover the years 1827 to the present. This is a must reference book for every American and those desiring to become American's. These volumes are comprised of the 100 documents that the staff of the National Archives has judged most important relating to the founding and evolution of America. All items are provided with a short introduction, a copy of the original document, and for ease of reading a typed transcript. Original documents are available at the National Archives and Records Administration. Documents included in this book are; The Lee Resolution, The Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation, The Treaty of Alliance with France, The Seal of the United States of America, The Treaty of Paris, The Virginia Plan, Northwest Ordinance, Constitution of the United States, The Federalist papers, George Washington's First Inaugural Speech, Federal Judiciary Act, The Bill of Rights, The Cotton Gin Patent, President Washington's Farewell Address, The Alien and Sedition Act, President Jefferson secret request for Lewis & Clark funding, The Louisiana Purchase, Marbury vs. Madison, The Treaty of Ghent, McCulloch vs. Maryland, The Missouri Compromise, The Monroe Doctrine, Gibbons vs. Ogden.

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