All-New Wolverine by Tom Taylor Omnibus

All-New Wolverine by Tom Taylor Omnibus

by Tom Taylor


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You know her as X-23…Laura to her few friends. But when her mentor Logan falls, she will honor his legacy — and become the all-new Wolverine! Now, thrill to superstar writer Tom Taylor’s complete adventures of Laura Kinney, the best there is at what she does! Laura was created to be a weapon, but has finally escaped that dark past. However, uncovering a devastating secret from her origins will change her life! She’s about to take on a protégée of her own — but who is the girl called Gabby, and what’s her connection to Laura? As Wolverine sets down roots, she makes new friends including Doctor Strange, the Guardians of the Galaxy…and Deadpool? But who are the Orphans of X — and why have they marked her for death? 

COLLECTING: All-New Wolverine (2015) 1-35, All-New Wolverine Annual (2016) 1, Generations: Wolverine & All-New Wolverine (2017) 1

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781302926441
Publisher: Marvel
Publication date: 05/11/2021
Series: All-New Wolverine
Pages: 862
Sales rank: 535,968
Product dimensions: 7.75(w) x 11.25(h) x 1.65(d)
Age Range: 15 - 18 Years

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