Alcoholism: Getting Off the Destructive Merry-Go-Round

Alcoholism: Getting Off the Destructive Merry-Go-Round

by Learning Life eBooks, Ronald Kerrington

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Alcoholism is an illness misunderstood by many people. Many believe an alcoholic should be able to use their willpower and just put down the bottle any time they want to.

Well, it isn’t that easy.

Because alcohol is legal, it is also easy to get, making it the number one drug of choice. Just as much as you or I crave food or water, an alcoholic craves alcohol.

Here are some startling statistics. It is believed one out of every thirteen adults in the United States is an alcoholic. 40% of all the alcoholics in the USA are women. 1 out of every 75 babies is born with fetal alcohol syndrome. The abuse of alcohol has risen to a startling rate.

The only way for an alcoholic to abstain and stay sober for any length of time is to admit they have a problem, and seek treatment. But, most alcoholics will deny having a problem. And, some will keep their illness well hidden.

Bottom line: alcoholics live in denial. In fact, most of them would tell you flatly that they don’t have a problem. Since they refuse to face the truth, they can see no reason to get treatment for their illness.

However, drinking is a compulsion with them. The more they drink, they more they want. This is a problem that absolutely cannot be ignored, for alcohol can seriously damage the body and the mind equally.

So, what can you do for a friend or loved one who abuses alcohol?

Sometimes, the only way you can help someone overcome alcoholism is to intervene and tell them plainly that they need help. But, in order to do this, you need to be well informed about the dangers of alcohol abuse. You need to learn why they became addicted to drinking, what it is doing to his or her body, and the ways you can help them overcome the problem.

You also need to know that no one is immune to the lure of alcohol.

Young and old are equally at risk, and some are irreparably damaging their health, along with their family dynamics.

Society has made it seem “cool” to be intoxicated. Yet, once a person starts drinking, it’s often hard for them to stop. You need the facts if you are going to help someone free themselves from slavery to alcohol.

If you have a friend or loved one who abuses alcohol, you can help them by learning the facts, because recovery is possible – if you know the facts.

What you need is a guide that first explains alcoholism and then can help you to help others. This is vital if you want to help someone you care for realize the need to overcome a drinking problem.

In this book, you will find the answer to every question you have ever had about this illness called alcoholism. You will learn things like:

A woman’s health is affected more than a man’s. Alcoholism can cause cancer and lower the immune system. The four signs that someone is an alcoholic. The nine symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Plus:

• What is Alcoholism, and why is it sometimes hard to distinguish?

• How you can recognize the warning signs of alcoholism

• The causes and risk factors of alcoholism, and why some people are not affected

• Short and long term effects of alcohol on the human body

• Alcohol and Weight Gain

• The Tragedy of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

• The Dangers of Alcohol Withdrawal

• The Best Treatments for Alcoholism

• Courage of the Reformed Alcoholic

You know your loved one’s health is priceless. With “Alcoholism – A Vicious Circle” you will quickly learn the patterns of alcoholism and how to recognize them. You’ll discover what really happens when someone gets intoxicated, and the devastating effect it has on the body. You’ll discover the many options someone suffering from alcoholism can take advantage of to help him or her turn their life around.

Written in an easy to read style, this book will galvanize you into action intervention to prevent this tragedy from occurring in the life of someone close to you.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to help that special someone who has a very serious problem!

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