Aimee's Locket

Aimee's Locket

by P. L. Parker


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An antique ivory locket catapults Aimee Reynolds back to the year 1847. Alone in St. Louis, Missouri, she has to find a way to get home to present day Seattle. She needs a suitable male willing to marry her or be left behind when the emigrant train departs for the Oregon Territory.

Jake Marshall, scout for the Markham Party, is the perfect, if unwilling choice. Undaunted by his overt rudeness, Aimee entices Jake to the alter, promising her diamond earrings as payment for a marriage of convenience. Properly wed, she secures passage on the wagon train, and discovers her future may be in the past.

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ISBN-13: 9781601546838
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Publication date: 08/27/2009
Pages: 348
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.72(d)

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Aimee's Locket 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great historical time travel.
The_Reading_Reviewer More than 1 year ago
Dreams come in all shapes and sizes and when your dreams of what you want collide with what you have can something good come from this? Aimee Reynolds loved to collect pieces of antique jewelry and never thought that one such piece of jewelry could turn her entire world backwards. Aimee spent a casual day shopping with her sister and wandered upon a shop with a beautiful necklace she decided she must own. But after putting it on she finds herself literally falling from Seattle in the year 2008 into St. Louis 1847. There to save her from herself is Jake Marshall a man leading a wagon train to the West and after shaking the dust from her heels Aimee decides this is the only way she may ever get back to her future because this present is not a past she wants to live. But Jake's suggestion of how to avoid issues and keep her protected are not Aimee's idea of a good time but she knows being as close to Seattle as possible is the answer to her question of how she got there and how to get home to her family. So Aimee decides to follow Jake plan and lets him get the impression he is in control but all along she is working her own idea out. The trek to the West Coast is long, hot, dangerous and full of much sorrow mixed with bad tempers for Aimee but she learns to be a pioneer woman and even forgives Jake for his mis-steps on occasion. Aimee tries to convince Jake of who she really is but he just cannot figure out if she is loco or lying but either way he is stuck with her and wants to keep it that way. Yet Aimee keeps moving ahead with her plan and regardless of how she feels about Jake and the people now in her life she believes her real life and existence is based in 2008 not the wild west of 1847. After all the hardship and pain Aimee has seen does she really now want to go home or is this place she is now living with outside plumbing and overly aggressive men where she wants to stay. Can she really see this situation as family and leave the people she loved behind in the future? This book was a real treat for me with the twist on the time travel theme. I have read many books with time travel to the past (and future) but not one with time travel to the Wild West. To walk through this experience in Aimee's shoes was fascinating and very well told with the full gamut of emotions and disbelief at how those in the past really did survive day-to-day. Both Aimee and Jake are believable characters with depth and display the personality and traits of their respective time period with great clarity and make the difference in time seem unimportant in comparison to their love. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it highly to all readers. Mary Gramlich is The Reading Reviewer located at
RhondaNagel More than 1 year ago
I just want you to know that I finished the book yesterday morning. Couldn't put it down. I cried so hard at the end I could hardly read. When is the next one coming out? Rhonda
Anonymous More than 1 year ago