Above All, Be Good: The Story of the Stoics and their Teachings

Above All, Be Good: The Story of the Stoics and their Teachings

by Gilad Sommer


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The pursuit of wisdom and the good life runs like a thread throughout the history of humanity. Among the many groups and individuals who have attempted to propagate a natural philosophy of living, the Stoics stand out both for their persistence and perseverance as a philosophy school, and for their influence on the history of humanity. We all want to live a good life, but while many of us accept the ready made answers our society, education and media offer - the Stoics believed that the real answer to the question of the good life must pass through the use of our own reason, which should not be confused with the intellect. Stoicism developed in times in which people were losing touch with metaphysical values and the wisdom of the ancients. Today, with the disintegration of the moral traditions of our cultures, we are seeking answers as well, a wise way of life in a chaotic world. The pragmatic teachings of the Stoics find a listening ear among contemporary seekers, as they come from a time very similar to our own. From Zeno, an eclectic philosopher who taught in the Stoa of Athens, to Marcus Aurelius, the great philosopher king who left his thoughts to posterity, this is the story of the Stoics and their teachings.

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