A Year Full of Grace

A Year Full of Grace

by Lisa Marie


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Pursuing God’s grace can take nearly a lifetime, and sometimes we do not know where or when it will begin to show itself. The first two quarters of my life had been consumed with a quest for peace, happiness, but more importantly, grace. What I didn’t realize until most recently is that all three of these were always well within my grasp, much closer than I ever realized. I was given the same opportunities, and I possessed some of the same qualities as many others that I knew.

Was I at the top of my class? No. However, I did graduate with honors, but I chose to stop my education through books and school at a young age. My life experiences after that taught me a great deal; however, the gnawing inside of me to further my education never left.

Follow my journey as I attempt to find that grace that’s been missing throughout my life, hidden among the thorns and thistles that tore at my heart until the time I pursued writing a journal about my experiences. All the while, I peered through the fogginess, eventually revealing the light of God’s grace that he had always granted to me without fail.

“Lisa’s upbeat approach to life and her appreciation for God’s love is remarkable. You will notice that character trait as soon as you meet her. However, reading her ‘soul’ in her words is heart warming and touching.” - Donna Melber, rural school elementary teacher, Christian and Aunt Donna by marriage, whom God so richly blessed by bringing her family into my life.

“It is a real joy watching Lisa follow her Lord into life and ministry to see how He is showering her with His Grace. I found her book “A Year Full of Grace” filled with compelling reflections on God’s grace and timing as she looks back upon her life story. Enjoy her words and how she draws God’s grace into her story.” - Mike Hays, Rimrock Church

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Pages: 114
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