A Random Act of Kindness

A Random Act of Kindness

by Mike Coy RFC CPBA

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When Gabe met Jake, it was what....a fluke...a mistake...a divine act? You decide for yourself. I truly believe life is about choices. When I wrote my book, I Chose...Live, about my battle with Cancer and how I was winning the war, I wrote that book knowing life was all about choices. We all have a choice to make in life. Some good...some not so good. That's the beauty of life. All I know is I Chose...Live. God gave us all the gift, and in some cases, the curse of making our own decisions. We can accept them or reject them. So be it. This story, this book, A Random Act of Kindness, speaks to all of that. Choices. Decisions. The path we want to take in our lives and the path we are taken down. Some good. Some not so good. But, in keeping with the glory of life, we all travel a road we call life. Jake did. Gabe did. And when their lives met, change was in the cards. The one thing I am certain about in our lives is there will be change. The impact. The end results. The path it takes us might not be clear at the time, but it's there. Embrace it or fight it. Again, life is about choices. So is change. What path will you take? As a former high school baseball coach, I matured over the years understanding the power of be positive instead of being negative. "Coach'em up" not down. Be constructive but teach, don't lecture. The same in life. Be positive. Life is hard enough without having negativity raining down on you day after day. It's amazing how a kind word, a gentle compliment, a pat on the back can change a moment, a day, a life. Take a child and tell them how great they are, how beautiful they are, how sweet they are. What a difference that could make in that child's moment, day, or life. A co-worker with problems at home, how important would a pat on the back mean to them? All of this could be a random act of kindness. The same is true, in the broader sense, of our world as a whole. I wrote this book based on a beautiful story I took to another level. Being kind, being positive, can not only change a moment, it just might save a life. Enjoy the book. Embrace the story. Pay it forward. You never know....the person you touch could be the most important kind act you've ever done...and not even know it. God bless and continued success in all you do. MLC #20

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