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A Hundred Dreams Ago

A Hundred Dreams Ago


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A winter book of poetry and prose that tells the tale of life on 32nd Street in the Pacific Northwest. This adventure begins with a poem section "The Blue Remains," turns into short stories "Meanwhile, in the Planetarium," and concludes with a childhood memory "Donald Sleep." For three cold, wet months I waited for the next transmission and kept record of them on paper. I'd like to present these 109 messages to you now, in hopes that wherever you are the sun is shining (unless it's nighttime of course).

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ISBN-13: 9781642045390
Publisher: good deed rain
Publication date: 06/04/2018
Pages: 122
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.00(h) x 0.29(d)

About the Author

This is Allen's 24th published book. He has lived with his family and pets in Bellingham since 1999 or so.

Aaron Gunderson has also illustrated Frost's previous work, The Book of Ticks. He is a very talented artist and funny, inspired friend who longs to be a B-movie cowboy sidekick.

Table of Contents

The Blue Remains


A Snail

For a Walk

Imaginary Horses

Falling Rain

The Snail is Gone

Night Rain

The Mice

A Long Distance Call

The Weight of Pigeons

A Deer

Colder Weather

October Sunshine

Another Deer


Side Effects

A Hummingbird

Good Luck Woodpecker

Crow Cane

The Grass Grown

Paper Sack

The Bluebird

The Bluebird II

The Spider

Yellow Lion

A Candy Bar


House For Rent

4 Ravens

Bird Burial

First Snow

Warmer Snow

The Winter Pears


The Deer Jumps

Far Enough

Winter Roses

Our Street

5:30 AM

What Happens Next


A Trapped Leaf

Always Amazed

Rain Has Returned

Hold Your Hands Open

Hold A Poem

Confused By Cars

That Morning

Raven Over

Selling Blue

The Snowman

My Job

My Umbrella

A Lantern

One Crow

When the Wind is Done

Two Sleds

Lost Dog

Winter Window

The Path

Salmon Parking Lot

Hawthorn Lights

The Lightbulb

A Perfectly Reasonable Explanation

The Winds

Out of the Rain


The Cedar

A Deer Movie

The Day Owl

Meanwhile, in the Planetarium

The Balance

Charlie Chaplin Dream

Dianne’s Miniature Father

Walking Home from the Planetarium

A Baltimore Bird

The Grasshopper

The Bobcat

The Animals

The 1942 Birds

New People

Gorilla Girl

The Hoop Snake

Morgan’s Dragon

A Winter Room

The Couch Mermaid

The Phone Booth

The Forbidden City

Our Garden


Dianne & the Fake Santa Claus


A Montana Mouse

The Rhinoceros

Fidelity Lane

The Memory of a Hundred Year Old Boy

The Unfinished Boat

Blue Overalls

The Planetarium


The Dreamer

Secondhand Unicorns

The Celebrity

The Carol Fund

A Baseball Game in the Planetarium

A Retired Conductor

The Record Player

Donald Sleep

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