A Global Contribution to the Social Sciences

A Global Contribution to the Social Sciences "Histojectory": Guidelines Identifying Non-Fictional Published "Subjective" Data, Conjoined with "Objective" Sourced Data!

by William Fred Williams


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Historiography, "the written history of the history of events", brought forth the innovation of the genus "histojectory". Thusly, introducing this major category within the classification of the social sciences. However, the study of history writing, and the writing of history, is based on the judicious scrutiny of "sourced events" (reality of historical events published). Consequently, the miscellany or collection (research), and selection of precise facts are distinguished between "authentic recorded events", and fictitious data that "histojectic" standards administer. Therefore, sources within the framework of historical events and statistics published, is conjoined with the fusion of minutiae, or details of history rewritten; therefore, sourced data must be obligated to stand-the-test-of accountability and critical examination towards authentic precedent. Nevertheless, published non-fictional work within the unmitigating field of social science clearly requires futuristic, unadulterated, and bona fide precedent. For this reason alone, the newly innovative genre "histojectory" presents the state-of-the-art guiding principle course of action necessary, to establish creditable "published" non-fictional factual sourced data input (contributional guidelines). Therefore, requiring "authors and publishers", of non-fictional publications, to abide by the standards and guidelines of "histojectory's" credibility aforementioned. Lastly, to identify "all" published work with "subjective data input", an asterisk (*) and the brevity (hjy), must be entered adjacent to the sentences with "subjective" (imaginary) sourced data input... Ultimately, identifying false sourced data input; therefore, eventually through critical research, bringing to bear, the elimination of "imaginary" sourced data input published for global, educational, and academic scholarly recognition and distribution. Notwithstanding, "histojectory" directives and guidelines, opens the doors for scholarly "research"; even-though, the non-fictional "published" work, with "subjective" data, is conjoined with "objective" sourced data input, and is distributed throughout the global communities viewing medias... Nonetheless, "histojectory's" administrative principles, directives, and guidelines will foster corrective disciplined authority, through recognizing false and imaginary sourced data input, to remedy the "fake" data through critical "research"; towards stabilizing authentic futuristic precedent (reference).

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Mr. William Fred Williams received his B.A. degree from California State University Dominguez Hills, California (1976). Majoring in Philosophy, Oriental Studies, African, African American, Ancient and Contemporary European, Mesoamerican History, Physical Education, and Anthropology. His authored books includes: "The Essential: Global Historical Reflections (Feb. 2016 AUTHORHOUSE); (AASAT) African American Studies Aptitude Test (Question & Answer Work Study);and "Humility Breeds Wisdom" Perceptions of Poetic Verses and Events and/or Historical Events. Mr. Williams Conducted Contemporary and Ancient Philosophy Seminars at USC; and Interpreted the works of Kant, Kierkegaard, Hume, Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas, Descartes, Mill, James, Marks, James Baldwin, Richard Wright, Husserl, Hobbes, Dewey, Hegel, Heidegger, Moore, Lao Tze (Taoism), and others who've contributed to the Global Educational Communities. Additionally, Mr. Williams signed a Professional Baseball Contract in (1962); Owned and Built Long Beach Community Eye Center; Williams Insurance Agency; and Served at HQ USARYIS (Okinawa) with the Distinguished 526th Intelligence Corp. His next pending books are entitled: "Diplomacy and Statecraft, the New Frontier, Vol. 1 (Philosophy) Global Nationalism"; and "The Social, Political, Economic, and Psychological Phenomena of Global Sex Exploitation and Racism"; and lastly, "The Political, Social, Economic, and Psychological Phenomena of Time Accountability".

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