75 Scary Horror Stories

75 Scary Horror Stories

by Steven Parker


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There's nothing that sends a shiver down our spines greater than a good, scary HORROR STORY - and the more creepy, spooky and ghostly the better! Sometimes a scary HORROR STORY can be nothing other than a few chilling sentences - perhaps even just the one - or it could be the climatic build-up to a frightfully unexpected and overly shocking plot twist! Each of the scary HORROR STORIES contained within this book are dark, disturbing and will invoke a sense of terror while sending a shiver down your spine - leaving you to question exactly what that scratching, creaking and thudding noise you just heard really was? Are you alone in the house? Or is there some sinister force at work here? Either way, you are sure to be left with a feeling of fear, trepidation and dread! So the challenge has now been set for you - do you dare to read through these scary HORROR STORIES while all alone and with only the bedside light to keep you from absolute darkness? Because we all know that only when we are completely alone in the dark do all the ghosts, poltergeists and demonic supernatural forces come out to play!

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Publication date: 02/13/2021
Pages: 275
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