52 Lists for Calm

52 Lists for Calm

by Sasquatch Books
52 Lists for Calm

52 Lists for Calm

by Sasquatch Books

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Over 1 million copies sold in the bestselling 52 Lists journal series

Manage stress and relieve anxiety with motivational journal prompts—one for every week of the year—that offer a safe, calming space for self-care and mindful reflection.

Featuring gorgeous illustrations and inspirational quotes, this hardcover list journal is the perfect gift for anyone suffering from anxiety, tension, and burnout.

Develop well-being and peace of mind through the calming practice of list-making. This inspiring journal features 52 list prompts to help you focus on self-care, compassion, and acceptance to overcome stress and anxiety. Filled with special design features to inspire and delight, 52 Lists for Calm includes:

• 52 guided journal prompts divided into 4 themes: Be Present, Look Back, Move Forward, and Release
• Each prompt includes a related short exercise (meditations, affirmations, relaxation exercises, releasing, creating, boundary-setting, etc.) 
• Full-color photographs and illustrations throughout
• Inspiring quotes and thought-provoking short essays
• Metallic accents
• Golden satin ribbon place-holder
• Resources and personalized tool kit at the back to fill with strategies for anxiety relief
52 Lists for Calm provides a safe, easy, and beautiful space to practice self-care and reflect on the best parts of your daily life. Whether you suffer from anxiety and burnout, or just need a little more peace in your life, this inspiring journal will guide you towards greater serenity and happiness.

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Praise for Moorea Seal and the 52 Lists Series

"Your checklist for making positive changes." 

"This beautiful book features 52 prompts that range from the thoughtful to the aspirational."
Real Simple 

“For many of us, hearing the word ‘list’ probably conjures up a visual of a familiar grocery or to-do list…But as it turns out, lists can be so much more.”
—Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

"Each of the list prompts in this pretty, hardcover journal promises to help you find the key to your happiness and bring more balance into your life."

"...this book filled with pages of joy-boosting prompts, frame-worthy illustrations, and stunning photography that is sure to spark her artsy side."
Women's Health Magazine

“If you're a fan of lists, diaries, or New Year's resolutions, you'll love this journal filled with prompts based on happiness research.” 

"Filled with beautiful prompts that offer endless thought-starters for meaningful writing that flows naturally."
Yoga Journal

"A book like this reminds even the busiest people to slow down and think about what makes them, well, them every once in a while." 

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UPC: 9781632172853
Manufacturer: Sasquatch Books
Publication date: 09/24/2019

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It’s perfectly normal to experience stress and anxiety. Just likehappiness and anger have their reasons for existing within us, anxiety serves an important purpose as well. Anxiety has been defined as “a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.” Our body creates that anxious sensation (which can manifest physically, cerebrally, and/or emotionally) for a purpose: to aid us in being aware of ourselves and our surroundings. But there are times when anxiety and stress can get out of hand,
when our body and mind go on high alert when it would serve us better to experience calm.

Everyday stress that is manageable is different from a medically diagnosed anxiety disorder. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, forty million adults in the United States, age eighteen and older, live with an anxiety disorder, and I am one of them. I was diagnosed with anxiety in my early twenties, alongside depression. And what was misdiagnosed in my childhood as attention deficit disorder, or ADD, was later rediagnosed as complex post-traumatic stress disorder, or C-PTSD.

There is no one reason that anyone develops an anxiety disorder. For me, it was probably a combination of many things: learned behavior from my family (many of whom live with anxiety and depression); an innate tendency to ruminate and overthink; a propensity for being very sensitive, intuitive, and empathic; the impact of traumatic experiences in my past; chemical imbalances in my body; allergies, inflammation, and gut issues—the list goes on. As you can see, it’s pretty tricky nailing down exactly why anxiety disorders happen, but with help, relief is possible.

This journal is not an anxiety-diagnosing tool. But what this journal does provide is a space for you to find calm in the everyday, so that you can manage stress and anxiety with more ease. You’ll get a chance to develop that positive and affirming voice within you: your intuition—that deep-down subliminal processing of information too complex for rational thought, which can help you move through difficult situations with more clarity. You will learn to take the time to ground yourself in the present, so that you can get to know your inner world on a deeper level. You’ll get a chance to release your thoughts and feelings as you create your lists and try the guided exercises that go along with them. Each of them is specially designed to help you gain a new way to cope with and relieve stress, so that each day will become a little calmer.

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