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3D Coloring Book: 3D-Shaded Coloring Pages. No Glasses Needed.

3D Coloring Book: 3D-Shaded Coloring Pages. No Glasses Needed.

by Marc Weedbrook


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3D Coloring Book by HatchDoodle

Filled with 3D effect 3D Colouring pages that are varied in design for any adult or kid who loves to or wants to try 3D Colouring in.

This 3D Coloring Book is designed for Adults and Kids.
30+ 3D effect 3D Coloring pages with themes and designs such as mandala's, flowers, animals, geometric and many more.
The 3D Coloring designs in this 3D Coloring Book have designs suitable for any skill level that colorists will enjoy when 3D Coloring. Adults and Kids can learn or enhance their color skills with this 3D Coloring Book issue.
Gauranteed 3D effects relaxation.

HatchDoodle Relaxing Coloring Books
  • Over 30 3D effect 3D Coloring pages
  • Suitable for pencils, crayons, feltpens and more.
    Lighter color brush tipped markers are recommended.
  • Multiple skill levels covered
  • Variety of 3D effects
  • One side printed to prevent bleeding
  • Nice large size that can be cut and mounted into 8x10 frame
  • Excellent surprise gift
  • Introduce your colorist to 3D coloring or add to your collection
  • Relaxing 3D Coloring Book
Benefits for Adults and Kids who color

Adults and Kids, are often consumed with lifes stresses. Adults and Kids often relieve stress with outdoor activities, but they are not always available.
Keeping stress under control is beneficial personally and within any relationship.
3D effect Color in Coloring Books offer a relaxing activity that can easily be initiated after a stressful day.
Adults and Kids may take a moment to embrace 3D Coloring if it has been ages since they did any, but Adults and Kids presented with fun coloring designs will de-stress and enjoy themselves.

About 3D Coloring

3D effect Coloring Books originally were not targeted towards adults. The first Coloring Books contained a lot of simple designs that needed 3D glasses and where simplistic.
This 3D effect 3D Coloring Book by HatchDoodle 3D Coloring was designed to add to the diversity available of 3D effect 3D Coloring pages specifically for Adults and Kids who love 3D Coloring.
3D effect Coloring Books are very popular and regarded as calming therapy for all Adults and Kids.
Adults and Kids who try 3D Coloring Coloring Books for 3D effects are often surprised at just how much they enjoy 3D Coloring.
3D Coloring is certainly one way to relieve stress and has the benefit of being a low cost activity. 3D effect Coloring Books are worthy of consideration by Adults and Kids for so many reasons.

Benefits of 3D effect Coloring Books

3D effect Coloring Books provide many benefits, such as:

  • 3D effect Coloring Books are great stress relievers
  • Coloring Books offer Adults and Kids a viable relaxation alternative
  • 3D Colouring can lead to personal gratification of a job well done
  • 3D effect Coloring Books have also been regarded as almost a mediative activity

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ISBN-13: 9781974103935
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/01/2017
Series: Hatchdoodle 3D , #1
Pages: 64
Sales rank: 939,570
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.13(d)

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