100% Unofficial Fortnite Pro Guide

100% Unofficial Fortnite Pro Guide

by becker&mayer!


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Know Fortnite: Battle Royale well, but want to play like a real pro? Look no further. The 100% UnofficialFortnite Pro Guide will help you take your building to the next level. And if you want to look great on the battlefield, this book includes a showcase of some of the best skins available, and plenty of emotes to pair with them. There's even a rundown of some of the cutest pets available in the game, for that extra fancy back bling. 

With colorful graphics and awesome pro tips, this is the definitive guide to Fortnite. First, gain in-depth knowledge on how to best to play on mobile devices. Then, discover methods to play your way to pro-level status with better weapons to pick up, new items to score, tactical traps to trick enemies, and faster—and more creative—builds that go way beyond the basics. If your noob days are over and you're ready to level up, this guide will show you all the ways you can master multiple areas of game-play.

Personalizing your game is key as a Fortnite pro, and this guide helps you express yourself in fun new ways. New emotes that go way beyond the Floss? Cool new skins that will frighten and delight? 100% Unofficial Fortnite Pro Guide details them all to show you the best way to throw shade, show excitement, and even distract competitors with cosmic cosmetics to boost your game. You can even bring pet bling to the battlefield! This backpack companion offers great company as you venture into battle.

Next, learn to play your way and add finesse to your game-play style with Limited-Time Modes that prove there's more to game types than Squads and Solo play. From what not to do to teamwork tips, it's all in a day's work as a Fortnite pro and now you can become an expert in how to be faster, stronger, and smarter on the battlefield.

Finally, see how the Fortnite landscape has evolved and changed with an all-new map and a countdown of the top 10 most epic moments in the game so far.

So fire up your PC, Mac, Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch, or iOS device, lock 'n' load and prepare to battle like the pros…in style!

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ISBN-13: 9780760366653
Publisher: becker&mayer! kids
Publication date: 07/16/2019
Pages: 64
Sales rank: 126,687
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.50(d)
Lexile: 1070L (what's this?)
Age Range: 8 - 12 Years

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The becker&mayer! Creative Team develops unique and interactive books and kits for adults that deliver high quality content and packaging. Bringing together pop culture and fandoms of all kinds, becker&mayer! books aims to inspire and educate with an element of whimsical and irreverent fun!

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You might be used to playing Fortnite on consoles or PC, but now you can take the fun mobile! Battle Royale was first released to iOS in March 2018, followed by a Nintendo Switch version in June, before an Android version became available during Season 6, putting Fortnite in all our pockets.


Probably the best way to play Fortnite in the palm of your hands, the Nintendo Switch gives you a full Battle Royale experience, with all the essential buttons. You can use motion controls if you want, but doing so will make headshots even harder!

While the Switch is completely portable, it doesn't mean you can play ANYWHERE. Most public Wi-Fi hotspots won't support the connection needed to the servers, but if you play at home or at a friend or relative's house, you won't have any issues. You can play in the garden, under your bed, or in your living room. And full voice chat is supported, so maybe don't play on the toilet!


Forget about winning at first. Spend some time getting used to the controls. The Switch is very slim; holding it is wildly different to a standard controller. Find a comfortable way to hold the console while playing.


Although it's a lot of fun, playing on a tablet or phone isn't the best way to play Fortnite. Playing with a touchscreen is VERY different, so we've put together a few special tips to help score that mobile Victory Royale!


Spend some time learning the controls and playing around with your sensitivity settings. Find what works for you and decide which settings feel natural.

Use headphones! Playing on a much smaller screen means that sound is all the more important. It doesn't matter what kind of headphones you use, just be aware of footsteps and loud noises.

Auto-run is very helpful. Usually you'd have to double-tap the screen to run. Get used to always running and it will cut down on the things you need to think about.




Racking up eliminations is fun, but it's no good being a crackshot sniper if you can't build yourself cover or gain higher ground! These tips will help you build faster – leaving you more time to take out your foes and get closer to those all-important Victory Royales.


In the Settings menu, make sure "turbo building" and "auto material change" are switched on. Turbo building enables you to hold the build button to continuously place structures, while auto material change automatically switches you from wood to stone as you run out of materials. It's also good to try different controller sensitivities for your movement. The higher the sensitivity, the faster you can look around, and therefore build more swiftly.


Wood is easier to find than stone or metal, and a wooden wall will also build faster than the alternatives. If you need to place a quick ramp or small structure where you can heal, wood is your best bet. Even though a wooden ramp has half the hit points of steel (so can be destroyed more quickly), it can also be replaced faster if you come under fire. Laying down protective wood walls could be the quickest way to save your skin!


Use Playground mode or quiet moments during gameplay to practice cycling through your build pieces. Learn how quickly structures break down by building one and shooting at it. Practice how long it takes to lay down four walls and a roof, then try and beat your time. Then try editing pieces quickly to add doors and windows. Once it's second nature, you'll be outbuilding everyone!


We all know that hitting objects with your harvesting tool while moving is the best way to build up resources, but how else can you improve your harvesting technique?

• When swinging your pickaxe at an object, a neon circle will appear.

• Aim your pickaxe at this circle – this will help you break down the object faster.

• You'll still receive the same amount of materials, but you'll harvest them a second or two quicker. This time could be the difference between life and death!


While you wait on "Spawn Island" for the match to begin, use any spare time to practice editing your structures. If you have time, edit the pyramid roof into a ramp. This will give you two ramp structures to scroll through, so you can select either one faster. Plus, your new roof-ramp will have the same hit points as a standard ramp.


If you find yourself among the last players, there's a good chance that victory will come down to building. Stay calm and fall back on what you've learned. Think about your options and move through them with care – don't place the wrong structure or get stuck in a corner! Here, solid practice pays off!


If you want to outbuild your enemies, you need to think in three dimensions! Try to guess what your foes will do next, as Fortnite's final shootouts are often more about building than your skills with guns. Here are some tips on how to win when it's just you – and a bunch of materials – versus your opponents.


Loop around your enemy by building sideways. Whether they're building up or towards you, try to sidestep their movement and get behind them.

If your foe is working on a ramp to get above you, move around to the bottom of their ramp and take them by surprise. The best way to do this is by rapidly laying down floor pieces in front of you as you dash around to their ramp!


Being surrounded by your own structures is super-important! Here's why ...

You know where your cover is!

You can edit the pieces you have placed.

If you decide to use precious time and ammo to destroy a wall your enemy has placed, quickly replace it with one of your own. With practice, you can edit the wall into an arch or a half wall, enabling you to fire through it and secure the win.


With skill and a few extra button presses, you can CONFUSE others by throwing in the odd steel or brick wall among wooden structures. This can push them to waste ammo.


High ground is a must in Fortnite, whether you're using a shotgun or an assault rifle, so make sure you're moving upwards while also heading towards the enemy. Always try to put a wall down in front of your ramps, whether building up high or on the ground. Doing so means your opponent will need to shoot through the wall before they can damage your ramp.

If you're building a ramp upwards, always build two pieces wide so that your opponent won't know which side you're on. Plus, it gives you somewhere to move to for cover or if one side is being shot at.


Don't be scared to change your controls. Many pro players prefer the "Combat Pro" set-up as it allows for faster switching between building and weapons, but you can always change the buttons to suit your own style.

On a console, you can reposition your building buttons in order to scroll through objects faster.

On a PC, try a mouse with extra buttons so you can set up your favorite walls to the thumb buttons. You could even move the structures from the Function keys to "C", "V" or "B", as stretching your thumb is quicker and easier than moving your fingers.


Don't be afraid to back off and build down. Editing a gap in a floor piece and dropping towards the ground will bait your opponent, bringing them down with you. This can easily turn the tables of a fight. If you're falling, keep the flat floor piece handy as you can build it and land on it before taking fall damage.


The port-a-fort is perfect when you really need a base quickly, but they're extremely hard to find and you won't often have one available! Here are three bases that are all quick to build, can hold an entire squad, and help you out in a tight spot. Practice building them on your own or with friends and never be caught without cover.

The most basic, quick-build structure looks like a house with four walls and a ramp, which can be topped off with more levels or a simple roof. This is an ideal base for quick healing; the build can be completed in just a few seconds.

• Select the wall section and hold the Action button as you turn in a circle. This will make four sturdy walls around you.

• Switch to the ramp and jump into the air as you place it – this will keep you off the ground. If you're surrounded by taller structures or hills, you could add a pointed roof or extra floor above your head to protect you from falling bullets.

• Once you've healed or readjusted to the situation, rather than jumping over the walls, edit the back panel to add a door. This can trick players, who will often approach your structure from the front, not expecting you to appear from around the back.

• Alternatively, you could place yourself under the ramp rather than on top and edit windows into the walls, giving you a hidey-hole to peek out of.


Unlike the house, the sniper tower is a rectangle rather than a square. This is an ideal base for duos as you can each build one side of the structure and then each defend from either end!

• Start with an oblong made from six walls and position ramps leading up to the narrow ends.

• On top of this rectangular structure, place two floors to enclose and strengthen the base. Repeat the lower layer again.

• This layout will give you some height to see all around you. It enables you to creep up to the edges to scope out opponents, while the inner slopes of the V will allow for cover and healing.

• When the base is finished, it's a good idea to upgrade the materials to stone or metal, which will help protect you from explosions.


Use the middle of the ramps to store shield potions or bandages, or drop them in your safe hiding space underneath.


Adapted from the house, the funnel looks a little like the port-afort. It adds outward ramps to the top of the structure, allowing you to look over the edge and down towards the floor with a clearer view to aim.

• The funnel can be constructed in the same way as the previous builds, but here the idea is to create a cone at the top. Sitting here will allow for cover and a chance to heal, while the ramps let you hang over enemies who approach the bottom of the base.

• Add some doors to the bottom section. Once you're safe inside, you can edit the inside to allow for easy access to the doors. If you're building this base with just two floors, it will allow you to "shotgun drop" from the rim to an enemy below, collect all their lovely loot and scurry back inside!


It doesn't matter how good you are with a shotgun or SMG; if you can't build you won't achieve a Victory Royale very often. Muscle memory is the most important skill to train when it comes to building – you should be able to defend yourself or build a base without thinking about it. Training your muscle memory is no easy feat, but Playground mode is a great way to start!


The 1x1 is your "go-to" build. It will help with cover and protect you while healing or gaining the high ground. Perfecting the build in a quick time can mean the difference between victory or being sent back to the lobby. Try it out by following these steps. Why not time yourself on a stopwatch and see how fast you can get?

STEP 1 - If you aren't on flat ground, start by placing a floor. If you are, skip to step 2.

STEP 2 - Stand in the middle of your new floor, or on flat ground and select your wall. While holding the Action button, spin in a circle to add four walls.

STEP 3 - Quickly switch to the ramp, jump into the air and place your ramp at the same time. This will place you on top of the ramp and ready for the next step. Move to the top of the ramp before moving on to the next step.

STEP 4 - Place four more walls, jump and place your ramp again. Repeat this until you run out of materials or have built as high as you want to go.


Now you have a massive, four-sided tower, it's time to jump off the top and plummet to the ground. Yep, you read that right, we're going to fall from the top. But don't worry, this is to practice the next skill you'll need: building while falling.

STEP 1 - Jump off the tower.

STEP 2 - You'll want to select a building structure, either a flat floor or ramp works best. As you're falling, guide yourself close to the walls of the tower.

STEP 3 - Aim towards the wall slightly and tap the Action button to build your floor or ramp. Rather than splat on the ground you'll find yourself standing safely on your new structure.

STEP 4 - Keep going until you reach the ground without losing any health.


Ramps are the perfect way to gain the high ground on your enemy. Gather some materials and find yourself a clear space on the map, preferably next to a mountain, which we'll use as our target point. Aim your ramps at the top of the mountain.

STEP 1 - Place a ramp in front of you and begin walking upwards. Once you've nailed the technique you can practice building while sprinting.

STEP 2 - While your ramp is building and you're moving forwards, switch to a wall and place it in front of you at the tip of the slope. The wall will protect your ramp from attack.

STEP 3 - Once you've done this a few times, add a floor into the mix. The floor will need to cover the underside of your ramp, adding another layer of protection. Try making the ramp first, then add the floor, then build the wall.

STEP 4 - Now try the previous steps again, but with two ramps side-by-side.


Take a look at your creations. You'll have a huge tower and several ramps standing in front of you. Now it's time to edit those awesome structures, adding in doors, windows and arches. Editing as you move can save your skin, give you time to heal and get back into the fight.

EDIT 1 - While building a long ramp upwards, try adding a floor above you. Once the floor is placed, edit the two squares on one side to convert it into a half floor – the new gap will allow you to continue climbing up as well as offer overhead cover as you get closer to your target.

EDIT 2 - Stand sideways on to the wall and build a ramp, ready to climb. Before you begin moving, place another ramp directly above the one you plan to walk on. Auto building will allow you to move your aim up and down, adding to both ramps as you go!

EDIT 3 - The "roof rush" is similar to placing ramps and takes some quick switching skills. It helps you to hold the high ground, and is useful for running out of the storm while keeping cover. Head to the top of a tower or mountain and place a floor. As you're running out onto the floor, put down a pyramid roof. Place this combo of structures ahead of you as you run, so that anyone below you will have to shoot through the floor before they can shoot the pyramid. This gives you vital seconds to escape!


This advanced technique is known as "Scissor Stairs" and is best done against a cliff face or large wall as it gets you to high points quickly, but with cover from above and below.


If you've ever imagined developing your own Fortnite Battle Royale island, then Creative Mode is well worth trying. Start Creative Mode and you'll skydive onto your very own island, a blank slate for you to do whatever you want with ... literally. The options available to you here are as good as infinite, so we've put together the following tips to help you be a creative master!


If it's your first time playing in Creative Mode then you'll want to jump onto a fresh new island and experiment as much as possible. You're given an allocation of four blank islands to build on and you can dip in and out of them, so don't worry if one turns out imperfect.

Start by familiarizing yourself with some of the new options you have at your disposal. Laying down some prefabricated buildings or a fleet of vehicles is totally new and will take some getting used to. Once you know your way around the new controls, decide on a project and start constructing. The new mobile phone in your inventory allows you to manipulate any item already on your island.


Building alone is fun but building with your squad is fast! Invite your online crew to your map – or join theirs – and combine your skills and manpower to achieve more in less time. Devise and communicate a plan through your headsets and then get to work making it a reality!

With so many Creative Mode options available to you, you can have real fun creating your islands as a team and enjoying them together. If you built a straight-up Battle Royale island then invite another squad to take you on, or if you built a racetrack with daredevil jumps and insane loops then start your engines and get racing.


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