Title: Apples of Gold, a Devotional in Rhyme, Author: Denise Jeter
Title: Childlike, Author: James Tom
Title: A Biker-Soldier's Journey, Author: Monty Van Horn
Title: TO THE TOP, Author: Deontae Henderson
Title: Papa, Tell Us About the Bible, Author: Bob Dowell
Title: Warriors for Jesus: Skill 1 Take Care of Yourself, Author: Barbara W. Rogers
Title: Mending the Methodist Fray, Author: Rev. Gary E. Crum
Title: Growth Strategies For Traditional African American Churches, Author: Rev. Dr. Earl C. Johnson
Title: THE NO COAT MEDICINE, Author: Maria Sulindro-Ma MD. ABAAM
Title: Like A Child, Author: Steven Shores
Title: Overcoming: Learning How to Live Victoriously, Author: James J. Rondinone
Title: Dare Not Desire, Author: Shenlee Luketic
Title: 2025 The Guardian, Author: S.D. Burke
Title: Small Town Roads, Author: L. B. Johnson
Title: PROPHETIC SPEECH IN A NON-PROPHETIC AGE, Author: Rev. Dr. Earl C. Johnson
Title: My Search For The One True God, Author: James Rondinone
Title: Be the Best at Who You Are, Author: John R. Gunn
Title: The Adventures of Luke and Lydia, Author: Stuart E. Smith
Title: A ROYAL PULPIT, Author: Michael Edward Ellis
Title: Silent Voices: A Mother's & Teacher's perspective of Autism, Author: Suzy Dell

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