Title: Nicaraguan Cooking, Author: Trudy Espinoza-Abrams
Title: Native Nations Intertribal Cookbook: West and Midwest, Author: Stanley Groves
Title: C'est Si Bon!: Haitian Cuisine Cookbook, Author: Inc At Risk Children Foundation
Title: Ralph's Italian Restaurant: 100 Years and 100 Recipes, Author: Jimmy Rubino Jr
Title: Delicious Flavours of the Caribbean, Author: Chef Ricardo
Title: Healthy Sandwiches, Author: Richard Free
Title: Native Nations Desserts Cookbook: Recipes Collected from the Major Tribes, Author: Stanley Groves
Title: Reminiscences of a Baker's Daughter, Author: Alice Illg Borning
Title: Nepali Home Cooking for Healthy Living, Author: Sharada Jnawali
Title: The Baker's Daughter Remembers the Holidays, Author: Alice Illg Borning
Title: From My Bakery Perch, Author: Vita Sinopoli
Title: Herbs and Spices for Dummies, Author: Alton J. Bradley
Title: Southern Home Cooking, Author: Regina Tate
Title: For the Love of Cooking, Author: Guy Lasley
Title: Wash Your Hands And LET'S GET FRESH! Low Carb Style, Author: C. Trotter
Title: Vermont Home Cooking: Do You Really Remember Your Mother's Cooking, Author: Carole White
Title: Hey Mom, What's for Supper?, Author: Georgia Verble Herren
Title: The Knights at the Round Table: Life's Funny Moments and Eclectic Recipes to match!, Author: Judith Knight
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Title: ME N U COOKBOOK, Author: Ingrid K. Hrycenko
Title: Sugarplum Confections, Author: Konya I. Lindsey

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