Title: Training Kaellah, Author: John Robert Shagena
Title: A Time in Ybor City, Author: Ron Kase
Title: The Enemy Knocks, Author: Patricia Evans
Title: Dirty Turtles: Molly, Author: D. C. LaRock
Title: Aurum Principle, Author: J.   Michael Stephens
Title: They Look Too Happy to Be Temporary Adjunct Assistant Professors: A Collection of Cartoons, Author: Vivian Scott Hixson
Title: Freddy and Margewich, Author: Adena Trevor
Title: From the Eyes of a Target, Author: Mannie Russell
Title: Government 2.0, Author: Joseph Gorski
Title: Ash, Author: Valery Petrochenkov
Title: Dog Talk, Author: Irwin Touster
Title: Never Eat a Booger !, Author: Kurt A. Pfister
Title: Forever Lasts till Dawn, Author: Monty Silverstone
Title: The Fountain Revived, Author: Donna Daye Kitchton
Title: Amani's River, Author: David Hartness
Title: An Outsider Among the Thespians, Author: Michael T. G. Yepes
Title: My Flock in Yankee Blue: A Chaplain's Diary, Author: M. J. P. Padre
Title: It Can Only Get Better, Author: Jill Boaz
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Title: Fibonacci Sequence, Author: J. Michael Stephens
Title: A Night in the Life..., Author: Christine Snow

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