Title: From Spain to Texas: A Cepeda y Ahumada Family Journey, Author: Reginald Zepeda
Title: Surrender: Father Walter Ciszek: Jesuit Priest/Soviet Prisoner, Author: Seamus Dockery
Title: A Wasicu (White Man) in Indian Country, Author: Jim Murray
Title: Vietnam: Sometimes It Was Funny!, Author: Roger W. Williams
Title: 75 Shadows: Part #2 'The Flipside', Author: Lisa Williams
Title: 75 Shadows: A Lifelong Quest Through the Darkness and Into the Light, Author: Lisa Williams
Title: First into Sangin, Author: Trevor Coult MC
Title: Spencer Tracy Fox Film Actor, Author: New England Vintage Film Inc Society
Title: The Suffering of Chasing Dreams, Author: Danny  Duran
Title: They Called Me
Title: Letters from Iran: Memoirs of a Peace Corps Volunteer, 1970-1972, Author: Arlene Elle Gray
Title: Wings of Tru Love: A WWII B17 Ball-Turret Gunner Memoir, Author: Kenneth C. Drinnon
Title: Nashua Area Men and Women in World War II, Author: Ron Dube
Title: A Return to the 'Boro: Life in a Southern Town during Depression and War, Author: Jr. George G. Suggs
Title: The Education of a Teacher: Lessons a Small Town Taught a Teacher, Author: Noel Nation
Title: Return to Aztlan, Author: Jaime F. Torres
Title: The Silent Screams, Author: Barbara Henderson
Title: The Taylor File, Author: Clara Rising
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Title: The Courtship of Julian and Frieda, Author: Krista Perry Dunn
Title: From Under the Porch to the Pulpit, Author: Curtis Varnado

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