Title: Diary of a Misfit, Author: Angel Okwuosa
Title: Hilary and the Secret Skulls: Hilary and the Secret Skulls, Author: Nancy Garfield Woodbridge
Title: Home Boy, Author: Joyce Hansen
Title: Shape Up or Bite Me!, Author: Judy Eberhardt
Title: The Changeling Warriors, Author: Doug Wilson
Title: Kama Kameez: Youth Edition : The Man Who Sought a New Destiny, Author: Ben Shalmon
Title: Who's There: Miss IRA's Back, Author: Vicky L. Ring
Title: The Dirty Truth: Hockey and the Puck Bunny a True Sub-culture, Author: T. J. Anderson
Title: The Locket, Author: Mrs Chandra M. Garza
Title: Who's There? Miss IRA and the Creepy Eye, Author: Vicky L. Ring
Title: Black Wheels, Author: Michael Halperin
Title: I Was a Teenage Science Project, Author: Patricia G Reed
Title: Heaven (Heaven Trilogy Series #1), Author: Angela Johnson