Title: Mr. STEM, Author: Juanita Graham
Title: My Dog Buddy, Author: Sunil Ram
Title: Alice: The Girl from Earth, Author: Kir Bulychev
Title: Daddy I Had a Dream, Author: K. B. Roundtree
Title: I Am Lenape, Author: Janice M. West
Title: The Adventurous Twins, Author: Betty Kuhn
Title: The Secret Life of Bears, Author: Joann Slead
Title: Will My Mommy Come Back?, Author: Jacqueline M Rookwoodbrooks
Title: Zobo, Author: Christopher Durham
Title: Diary of a Crayon, Author: Abbey Lauren Ash Behan and Stephanie Ash
Title: Odutayo's Science Test Strategies, Author: O-Knows
Title: The Kookaburra Who Couldn't Laugh: and Other Stories, Author: Carolyn McMurray
Title: The Magical Music Box: ... introducing Princess Plié & Friends!, Author: Mary Dressendofer
Title: Mrs. Alphabety Basic Vocabulary Dictionary for Children: In Three Languages: English, Italian and French, Author: Ranya Ibrahim Ahmed
Title: BRISA'S TALES, Journey Home, Author: Dennis L. Robbins
Title: Luna Needs a Miracle!, Author: Paul Luna & Cynthia Thomet
Title: The Globetrotting Adventures of Larry The Lizard, Author: Andy Grant
Title: Old Romanian Fairytales, Author: Mirela Roznoveanu
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Title: Alice: The Talking Christmas Tree, Author: Diane Robbins
Title: The Tale of Tumeleng, Author: MS Ryke Leigh Douglas

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