Title: 5 Minute Mysteries with a Twist, Author: James Dykes
Title: Misjudged, Author: Barbara Crocetta
Title: Nelda Sees Green: Murder Takes a Cruise, Author: Helen F. Sheffield
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Title: Deadly Duo Trilogy, Author: Paul E. Pepe
Title: The Junior High: 1960-2000, Author: Pelham K. III Mead
Title: Travesty, Author: Adam Stewart
Title: Due Diligence, Author: C. M. Nevill
Title: The Wicked Shall Rot: A Robert Fontenot Thriller, Author: Allen T. Grimes
Title: Gasp!, Author: Bruce A. Burton
Title: The Unlikely Predator, Author: Wayne Hancock
Title: The Imperfect Circle, Author: Alyce F. Norris
Title: Through the Door, Author: Poppy Page
Title: Not Feeney Again, Author: Peter Ruppert
Title: Joseph's Redemption, Author: Richard Malmed
Title: Time After Time, Author: Margaret Michaels
Title: Teaching Mysteries 101, Author: Caryl Dierksen
Title: Magpies Minutes Mysteries: Volume 3, Author: Barbara Ann (Myers) Van Sant
Title: The Ultimate Gambit: A Detective's Tale of International Intrigue., Author: R. James Roybal
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Title: Bad Boy, Author: Anne W. Shubert
Title: Code and Ethics, Author: Martin Devine

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