Title: Billy's BLUE Dirt Bike, Author: Lloyd Mason
Title: Gawdgara Dhana in the Bulnjarany Dandula: Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree, Author: Jill Dodd
Title: Platypus Dreaming: The Adventures of One Lucky Platypus and Her Friends, Author: M E Skeel
Title: Puggle the Echidna, Author: Julie Gobby
Title: The Land of the Magical Mirrors, Author: Joanna Meshach
Title: DogTales: Sebastian and the Destiny Stone, Author: Eve Vermazen
Title: The Prince Who Wanted to Live Forever, Author: Phillip Leighton-Daly
Title: Stella Star's Earth Adventures: Book 1: The Costume Party, Author: Karren Bastian
Title: Grandpa Gum and the Rainbow Road, Author: Esse Ashton
Title: Bentley Goes to the Park, Author: Elizabeth Jobson
Title: The Gumnut Gully Gang.: Billy's Bright Idea., Author: Sheryl Grant
Title: Glo-Ball Begins, Author: Jonathon Connolly
Title: The Magical Underwater Kingdom of Balenarium, Author: Vincent L. Pelosi
Title: Kapai and the Flying Bathtub, Author: UNCLE ANZAC N/A
Title: Kuba Visits Skyland, Author: Obie
Title: Bentley Goes on Holiday, Author: Elizabeth Jobson
Title: The Blueberry Possums and How They Came to Be, Author: Lynette Collins
Title: The Man in the Moon, Author: Pamela Loveridge
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Title: 'The Adventures of Matilda and Marty Mouse:
Title: Scruffy's Adventure, Author: Brian Davey

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