Title: Mongrels, Dishlickers, and a Poodle: Sheba, Fiver, Nix, Bandit, Sooty, and Scooter, Author: Pauline Darby
Title: Beeble's Story: The True Stories of Praze and Beeble - Twin Arabs Geldings - Growing Up, Their Adventures and Escapades, Author: Jill Cawsey
Title: The Adventures of Gypsy Rose, Author: Kylie Pascoe
Title: Goat Diagnostics Guide 2010, Author: Theresa Mitchell
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Title: Healthy Dogs Need Real Healthy Foods: Written by a Dog Owner for Dog Owners, Author: Michelle Zuppini
Title: Tracking: For Companion and Sports Dogs, Author: Sonja Needs
Title: A Special Love Hate Relationship Between Snowbell and Daisy, Author: Jacqueline Mary Masciotti
Title: LIVING WITH DINGOES, Author: Gill Ryhorchuk
Title: The Anare Antarctic Dog Driver'S Manual, Author: Rod Ledingham