Title: Trans Philosophism: Trans Philosophism Doctrine on Marxism, Postmodernism, Existentialism, Criticism, Sociology, Ecology, Politics, Science & Language, Author: Desh Subba
Title: 7 Sexes & the Origin of Man, Author: Sri Sunkara Sankacharya
Title: Whispers from Within, Author: Jeff R Price
Title: Yarshagumbaism, Author: Bhawani Shankar Adhikari
Title: Horizon Infinity: A Search for Meaning in the Modern World, Author: Samuel R. Arnold
Title: Our New Human Consciousness: A Blueprint for our Future, Author: Terry Sands
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Title: The Wisdom of the Tree, Author: M. D. Sellers
Title: Revolution of the Heart, Author: Michel Leroux
Title: The Book That No One Should Read!, Author: Alan Shinkfield
Title: Consciousness V Catastrophe, Author: Gillian Ross
Title: Self-Awareness: Know Thy Self Program, Author: Oria Massa
Title: From the Mountaintop, Author: Campbell Bolwell
Title: Thoughts On Life, Author: Mahendra Kent
Title: Held in the Grip of F.E.A.R.: Flat Earth a Reality, Author: Geoffrey Robert Hampton
Title: The Bridge to Eternal Life, Author: Ronald A Train
Title: The Light Theatre Opened to Universe (II): New Vermeer Theory, Author: Kazuo Ueno
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Title: Post-Punk Perception: Living in the Social Milieu, Author: Edmund Wong
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Title: Philosophy of Fearism: Life is conducted, directed and controlled by the fear., Author: Desh Subba
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Title: Resistances to Fearlessness: A Philosophy of Fearism Approach, Author: R Michael Fisher
Title: Faith or Gullibility?, Author: David Rex Holt

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