Title: The Ravings of a Madman, Author: Camino Elgarc
Title: The Pathophysiology of Psyche: La Maladie De Psychisme, Author: Darko Pozder
Title: Lost Boy- Bipolar Dreaming, Author: Jocelyn M. Price
Title: Good Psych - Bad Psych: & How to Tell the Difference, Author: Joshua Thomas
Title: Reflections of a Psychiatrist: A Journey of Five Decades, Author: Shailja Chaturvedi
Title: Confide: the New Psychology of Confidence: How to Power up After Experiencing Depression, Author: Adam Bowcutt
Title: Parenting Made Easy - The Middle Years: A Bag of Tricks Approach to Parenting the 6-12 Year Old, Author: Anna Cohen
Title: The Secret Codes of Hypnosis: Spiritual Energy, Author: George Spiric Fraxon
Title: God'S Obedient Potter: My Manic and Spiritual Life, Author: Richard W Murray
Title: The Batting Doctor's Cricket Wisdom, Author: The Batting Doctor
Title: The Ethnicity of Neurons: Nationalism a Self-Esteem of Fools, Author: Darko Pozder
Title: Elementary Thinking for the 21st Century, Author: Geoff A. Mohr
Title: STRUGGLING STRIVING SURVIVING: Living with Borderline Personality Disorder, Author: Dr Jenny Tohotoa