Title: Jihad in the Context of Contemporary Terrorism: - Diversity of Perspectives -, Author: Mohamed Elamin Elbushra Mahgoub
Title: America and Bahrain Winter: Analysis of the Relationship between the USA and the Sunnis in Bahrain, Author: Yousif Albinkhalil
Title: Unmasked, Author: Geoff Shaw
Title: Exporting Democracy: Death or Slavery, Author: Sophia Z Kovachevich
Title: Living with a Vagina: 'You Show Me Yours, I'Ll Show You Mine', Author: Paul Payten
Title: The Contemporaneous India: Account by an Unknown Hindustani, Author: Sat Sharma
Title: A Roadmap to Political Power, Author: George Dimitroulis
Title: Conflagration: Documentary of a World in Turmoil, Author: Sophia Z. Kovachevich
Title: Century Sentence: A Diary Written to God Accusing Against All of the World, Author: Xu Xue Chun
Title: Political Communication in the Arabian Gulf Countries: The Relationship between the Governments and the Press, Author: Adnan Jasim BuMetea
Title: Criminal Justice and Restorative Transitional Justice for Post-Conflicts Sudan: Accountability, Reparation of Damage, Tolerance and Sustainable Peace, Author: Mohamed Elamin Elbushra Mahgoub
Title: Business Concepts and Models: New Words for Old Ideas, Author: Garth Holloway
Title: CORRUPT INEPT RUDDERLESS POLITICIANS: Impediments to India's Forward March, Author: Sat Sharma
Title: Australia?: Know Before You Go!, Author: Martin Dean Tobin
Title: Stinger Saga, Author: Mahmood Ahmed
Title: Truth of Birth Certificate, Author: Gail Allen
Title: China's Long March of Modernisation: Blueprint & Road Map for the Nation's Full Development 2016-2049, Author: Khor Eng Lee
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Title: Ideas for Socio-Political Change: A Collection of My Social Media Commentaries, Author: Wale Olaitan
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Title: Soaring Dragon Vol 3 and China Dream (China at the Cutting Edge) Vol 4, Author: Khor Eng Lee
Title: Betrayal: A Political documentary of out times, Author: Sophia Z Kovachevich

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