Title: Asking Eyes and Telling Eyes, Author: Prashant Joshi
Title: Light of the Himalayas: A Research-Based Novel on Buddha, Author: Kavitaram Shrestha
Title: One Damp Day, Author: Julie K Parrott
Title: Entablature, Author: John Gardiner
Title: Birds in My Tree: The Magic of Birds and the Joy of Singing, Author: Vanessa I.R. Craven
Title: Desensitizer Ii: More Mental for Metal, Author: Kaero Davis
Title: The Journey, Author: Alessandra Raed
Title: The Diary of Margaret Evans, Author: Alyanna Taite
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Title: A Lust of the Mind, Author: Bernard Howell
Title: Jack, Author: Geoff Hill
Title: Desensitizer: Heavy Mental Maladies for Heavy Metal Melodies, Author: Kaero Davis
Title: This Is My Life, Author: Rhonda Nurnberg
Title: An Inch of Love, An Inch of Ashes: Survival Through Insight and Courage after a Life of Betrayal, Author: Leone Mary Britt
Title: Fire Water: Based on a True Story, Author: Melanie Macklin; JW Penman
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Title: Beyond the Pearled Horizons, Author: Bernard Howell
Title: Unbreakable, Author: Cynthia Lasante
Title: All Things Are Possible: Songs and Prose, Author: Kerry Susan Drake