Title: Agony of Hercules or a Farewell to Democracy (Notes of a Stranger), Author: Alexander Maistrovoy
Title: The Mystery Sphere of Athens: Is This Sphere the Only Remaining Relic of an Atlantean Era Civilization?, Author: Alan V. Gordon
Title: 1453 a Tale of Two Battles, Author: Julian Reynolds
Title: Pagan and Witch Elders of the World: Past and Present, Author: Tamara Von Forslun
Title: Luck of the Irish: Powerful saga of an Irish family arriving in England just as World War II is declared, Author: Ronnie Carroll
Title: Legends A Chequered History, Author: Simon Read
Title: The O'Farrell Cup: The Quest for the Holy Grail of Riverina Cricket, Author: Brian Lawrence
Title: My First 80 Years, Author: George Brown
Title: A LONG WALK THROUGH a SHORT HISTORY, Author: Ian Hamilton
Title: The Psychopath Will See You Now: Dispatches of a foreign correspondent from around a weird world, Author: Graham Barrett
Title: Waging an Unwinnable War: The Communist Insurgency in Malaysia (1948-1989), Author: Lim Cheng Leng
Title: Cyrus: An Historical Novel, Author: David Lloyd Rowlands
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Title: El Salvador: Verdades Ocultas, Author: Salvador Núñez
Title: Australia'S Unthinkable Genocide, Author: Colin Tatz
Title: In the Spirit of our Ancestors, Author: Greg Swarbrick
Title: Callan Park: 'The Jewel of the West': A History of Callan Park Mental Hospital and Estate Volume One 1744-1961, Author: Edward Moxon
Title: The Return of the Kingdom of Cambodia towards the Age of Globalization, Author: Samreth Mammoun
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Title: Malaysia & Bengali Doctors 1907-2012 A Personal Perspective, Author: Dr. P. R. Sengupta
Title: John Batman: An Inside Story of the Birth of Melbourne, Author: Joy Braybrook

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