Title: Myself, My Train, and You, Author: Yu Ling
Title: The Ancestor, Author: Paul Muldoon
Title: The Metaphor of the Sea, Author: Shuntaro Tanikawa
Title: Words and the World: International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong, Author: Gilbert C. F. Fong
Title: The Tattoo Artist, Author: Silke Scheuermann
Title: Loneliness - Autopsy, Author: Ko Hua Chen
Title: Words and the World (Twenty-volume Set), Author: Gilbert C. F. Fong
Title: In Brief, Author: Feng Yao
Title: A Song of the Corner, Author: Chuan Xi
Title: Blue Tile, Author: Régis Bonvicino
Title: If We Have Lost Our Oldest Tales, Author: María Baranda
Title: Bookstore in a Dream, Author: Chih Cheng Lo
Title: To Read: To Love, Author: Tomaz Salamun
Title: Low Key, Author: Xiang Yu
Title: The Naming of a Crow, Author: Jian Yu
Title: Old Things, Author: Leung Wo Wong
Title: Stairway, Author: Tian Yuan