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Title: Luther and the Radicals: Another Look at Some Aspects of the Struggle Between Luther and the Radical Reformers, Author: Harry Loewen
Title: Image of the Indian, Author: Ronald Haycock
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Title: A History of Kitchener, Ontario, Author: W.V. (Ben) Uttley
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Title: Vita Laudanda: Essays in Memory of Ulrich S. Leupold, Author: Erich R.W. Schultz
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Title: Reflections on Values Education, Author: John R. Meyer
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Title: Readings in Russian Philosophical Thought: Philosophy of History, Author: Louis Shein
Title: The Invisible French: The French in Metropolitan Toronto, Author: Thomas Maxwell
Title: Vladimir Solov'ev and the Knighthood of the Divine Sophia, Author: Samuel Cioran
Title: Problems of Change in Urban Government, Author: M. Dickerson
Title: Science, Pseudo-Science and Society, Author: Marsha Hanen
Title: Education for Development or Underdevelopment?: Guyana's Educational System and its Implications for the Third World, Author: M.K. Bacchus
Title: The Scruffy Scoundrels: (Gli Straccioni), Author: Annibal Caro
Title: Beowulf and the Celtic Tradition, Author: Martin Puhvel
Title: Book of Gomorrah: An Eleventh-Century Treatise against Clerical Homosexual Practices, Author: Peter Damian
Title: Religious Studies in Alberta: A State-of-the-Art Review, Author: Ronald Neufeldt
Title: Kitchener: An Illustrated History, Author: John English
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Title: Muslim Ethics and Modernity: A Comparative Study of the Ethical Thought of Sayyid Ahmad Khan and Mawlana Mawdudi, Author: Sheila McDonough
Title: Tell el-Hesi: Modern Military Trenching and Muslim Cemetery in Field I (Strata I-II), Author: Lawrence E. Toombs
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Title: Anti-Judaism in Early Christianity: Separation and Polemic, Author: Stephen G. Wilson
Title: Sam Hughes: The Public Career of a Controversial Canadian, 1885-1916, Author: Ronald Haycock

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