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Title: The Eversteam Chronicles- Book 1, Author: Jude Matulich-Hall
Title: The Golden Gate is Empty, Author: Eric Del Carlo
Title: The Black Triton, Book 2 of the Ringmaker Series, Author: H. M. Sanders
Title: Tainted Blood, Author: Ferrel D. Moore
Title: Ninja Tools and Weapons, Author: Michel Farivar
Title: Empties, Author: Jay Caselberg
Title: Airships & Automatons, Author: Charles P Zaglanis
Title: The Greater Game, Author: Rowe
Title: Tainted Blood, Author: Charles P. Zaglanis
Title: Paladin's Honor, Author: A. Carina Spears
Title: Breath, Author: Jackson Creed
Title: The Ghost Box, Author: Ferrel Moore
Title: Alamo Rising, Author: Josh Rountree
Title: The Terrarium Dragons, Author: Lorie Calkins
Title: Recipearium, Author: Costi Gurgu