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Title: Poetic Scripture II: 1 Samuel to 2 Kings Stories of the Bible in Poetic Form, Author: LaMar Smith
Title: Easy to Read Bible Summary for Teens and Adults, Author: Michael Kotch
Title: Golden Days, Author: Daisy Adora Ilonzeh
Title: The Black Butterfly: My Unfinished Story, Author: Renee Murphy-Clark
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Title: The Shepherds, Author: Shirley Bellinger
Title: The Issachar Anointing: Understanding Times and Seasons to Leverage Change, Author: Kwabena Dautey Akufo
Title: Sunday Snippets from Fr. Dan: Everyday Lessons for Living a Christ-Centered Life, Author: Fr. Daniel F. X. Powell Jr.
Title: Junk to Gold: From Salvage to the World's Largest Online Auto Auction, Author: Willis Johnson
Title: Released, Author: Amber Bey
Title: Proof of the Existence of God: An Evidentiary Truth Based on Science, Moral Values, and Philology, Author: Rev Stephen Badu-Yeboah
Title: Soaring: Lessons on Faith, Hope, and Love Learned from the Psychologist's Chair, Author: William H. Kuntz
Title: Dangling: I may have cancer, but cancer doesn't have me!, Author: Amy Carr
Title: Marriage at Ease, Author: Paeton Phaup
Title: The Man I Was Destined to Be, Author: Michael Tandoi
Title: Wandering Off: Stories of a Blessed and Somewhat Mischievous Southern Life, Author: Phill Bettis
Title: Poetic Scripture: Genesis to Ruth Stories of the Bible in Poetic Form, Author: LaMar Smith
Title: Chasing Intimacy, Author: Al Novak
Title: A Song in the Wind: A Near Death Experience, Author: Sharon Milliman
Title: The Abundant Woman: Discover the Abundance Already in You, Author: Dr. Ena Tychus
Title: Tale of the Penitent Thief, Author: Don Willis

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