Title: Easy to Read Bible Summary for Teens and Adults, Author: Michael Kotch
Title: The Black Butterfly: My Unfinished Story, Author: Renee Murphy-Clark
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Title: Little Elephant, Author: Joshua Miller
Title: Resurrecting the Black Mind, Author: O'Dell Carr PhD
Title: 62 Days in the Word, Author: Richard A. Lynn
Title: Strengthen!: A Devotional, Author: Debra Cox
Title: Rapture or Tribulation: Will Christians Go Through the Coming Tribulation?, Author: Richard W. Tow
Title: Purpose in the Pain: Pain Happens Turn the Page., Author: Consuello A. Hodges
Title: The Man I Was Destined to Be, Author: Michael Tandoi
Title: Awaiting His Coming: 25 Advent Reflections, Author: Rhoda Griffin
Title: Rivers Wanted: Does God Still Speak Today? Extraordinary Dreams and Visions from God to Encourage Your Life, Author: Rivers Teske
Title: God Walk: A Journey of Love and Courage, Author: Rosalie Ross
Title: Apocalypse Book 1: The Quest, Author: Paul Oshiro
Title: The Servant-Leadership Style of Jesus: A Biblical Strategy for Leadership Development, Author: Dale Roach
Title: Did You Ever Wonder Why?, Author: Saralyn R. Bulovas
Title: Why We Believe, Author: Saralyn R Bulovas
Title: A Shopkeeper's Daughter, Author: Rachel Wisdom
Title: Truth Shall Set You Free: A Journey from Legalism and Ocd to Salvation, Author: Judith Evans
Title: Crushed, but Not Broken, Author: Melissa Bosch
Title: Once Upon a Time in Alabama .: On One Very Magic Christmas Eve, Author: Sonya Lyatsky

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