Title: VisualBasic .NET For Dummies, Author: Wallace Wang
Title: Corporate Financial Distress, Restructuring, and Bankruptcy: Analyze Leveraged Finance, Distressed Debt, and Bankruptcy, Author: Edward I. Altman
Title: Advances in the Study of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Economic Growth / Edition 1, Author: Wei Wang
Title: Kinematic Differential Geometry and Saddle Synthesis of Linkages / Edition 1, Author: Delun Wang
Title: Molecular Genetics of Liver Neoplasia / Edition 1, Author: Xin Wei Wang
Title: The Monster That Is History: History, Violence, and Fictional Writing in Twentieth-Century China / Edition 1, Author: David Der-Wei Wang
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Title: Mining Sequential Patterns from Large Data Sets / Edition 1, Author: Wei Wang
Title: Microfluidics for Advanced Functional Polymeric Materials / Edition 1, Author: Liang-Yin Chu
Title: Cognitive Informatics for Revealing Human Cognition: Knowledge Manipulations in Natural Intelligence, Author: Wei Wang
Title: Running Wild: New Chinese Writers / Edition 1, Author: David Der-wei Wang
Title: From Multiscale Modeling to Meso-Science: A Chemical Engineering Perspective, Author: Jinghai Li
Title: Why Fiction Matters in Contemporary China, Author: David Der-wei Wang
Title: Shape Memory Alloys for Seismic Resilience, Author: Cheng Fang
Title: Location Privacy Preservation in Cognitive Radio Networks, Author: Wei Wang
Title: 9-12Cr Heat-Resistant Steels, Author: Wei Yan
Title: The Lyrical in Epic Time: Modern Chinese Intellectuals and Artists Through the 1949 Crisis, Author: David Der-wei Wang
Title: Management Science, Logistics, and Operations Research, Author: Wei Wang
Title: Adaptive Backstepping Control of Uncertain Systems with Actuator Failures, Subsystem Interactions, and Nonsmooth Nonlinearities, Author: Wei Wang
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Title: Explanation, Laws, and Causation, Author: Wei Wang
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Title: Utopia and Utopianism in the Contemporary Chinese Context: Texts, Ideas, Spaces, Author: David Der-wei Wang

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