Title: Why the USS Thresher (SSN 593) Was Lost, Author: Bruce Rule
Title: Raging Twenties: Great Power Politics Meets Techno-Feudalism, Author: Pepe Escobar
Title: FLEETS OF WORLD WAR II: Design History and Analysis for Every Ship of Every Navy (Revised Edition), Author: Richard Worth
Title: Technical Articles about the Voynich Manuscript, Author: National Security Agency
Title: Navigation Rules and Regulations Handbook, Author: Department of Homeland Security
Title: Department of Defense Law of War Manual, Author: OGC Department of Defense
Title: Spacepower: Doctrine for Space Forces, Author: United States Space Force
Title: Survival: Training Edition: AF Manual 64-3, Author: United States Air Force
Title: The Essential Saker: from the trenches of the emerging multipolar world, Author: The Saker
Title: Amalgamated International and U.S. Inland Navigation Rules: Amalgamation of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea and the U.S. Inland Navigation Rules, their Annexes, and associated Federal regulations, Author: United States Coast Guard
Title: Football Nomad, Author: Dan Radakovich
Title: The Handbook of Fifth-Generation Warfare (5GW), Author: Daniel H. Abbott
Title: Misquotes in Misquoting Jesus: Why You Can Still Believe, Author: Dillon Burroughs
Title: Chief of Space Operations' Planning Guidance: 1st Chief of Space Operations, Author: United States Space Force
Title: Battleship Victory: Principles of Sea Power in the War in the Pacific, Author: Robert Lundgren
Title: Operation Sea Lion, Author: Lt. Col. Randy Mccanne
Title: Globalistan: An Antidote to the World Is Flat, Author: Pepe Escobar
Title: Blood on Our Hands: The American Invasion and Destruction of Iraq, Author: Nicolas J. S. Davies
Title: Pieces of History: Artifacts of the PT Boat Navy, Author: Frank J. Andruss
Title: GRU Cybervillains: The DOJ Indictment Against Six Russian Hackers, Author: Department of Justice

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