Title: Lullabies, Children's Songs and Fables, Author: Various
Title: The Malefactor's Register: Or, the Newgate and Tyburn Calendar: Containing the Authentic Lives, Trials, Accounts of Executions and Dying Speeches of the Most Notorious Violators of the Laws of Their Country:, Author: Various
Title: The Christian Observer: Conducted by Members of the Established Church: [Edited by J. Pratt, Z. Macaulay, s.c. Wilks, J. W. Cunningham, etc., Author: Various
Title: Modern High Church Principles Examined: As Exhibited in the
Title: The Dream of a life. No. 1-16: a romance, Author: Various
Title: Ned Kelly. No. 1-38: the ironclad Australian bushranger: complete, Author: Various
Title: The Fall of Man: An Answer to Mr. Darwin's
Title: The Moral Reform Union.: Eighth Annual Report and Account of Annual Meeting.: From June 26th, 1889, to June 11th, 1890, Author: Various
Title: The mystery of Marlborough house: a tale of trial and temptation, Author: Various
Title: Poor Ray, the drummer boy, Author: Various
Title: The British Millennial Harbinger, Devoted to the Spread of Primitive Christianity, Author: Various
Title: Little Mary and Her Doll, Author: Various
Title: II Program for the Public Examination of Students of the Institute of Corps Communication Channels, 1832. Russ. and Fr. RUSSIA [Russian Empire Departments of State and Public Institutions, Author: Various
Title: Fanny White and her friend Jack Rawlings: a romance of a young lady thief and a boy burglar:, Author: Various
Title: St. Jame's Hall. Seventeenth Season. Saturday Popular Concerts. Programme and Analytical Remarks. Four Hundred and Eighty-Ninth Concert, Saturday Afternoon, November 21st, 1874, Author: Various
Title: The Rival crusoes, Author: Various
Title: The Orange girl of Venice: a romance, Author: Various
Title: Conversations about the Problems of Public Education, etc., Author: Various
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Title: Proceedings of the Oxford Union Society, Author: Various
Title: The Christmas log: a tale of a fireside that had a good genius and a bad one, Author: Various

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